Thursday, July 20, 2006

Caffeine Withdrawal

July 20, 2006 - Caffeine Withdrawal

Today I have been having withdrawal symptoms. And it is all due to not having any coffee, but I didn’t do this to myself intentionally. I love my coffee. Every morning Jason gets up and makes a pot of Dunkin Donuts coffee for us. Well, little did I know that yesterday was the last of the coffee and no one failed to inform me that we were out. Yikes! Panic and fear set in. What was I going to do? There was maybe 2 teaspoons of grounds left in the bottom of the bag. Could I manage to make a 4 cup serving just to get me through the morning? Well that attempt was just plain pathetic. If you like hot water with a slight brown tint of coffee color then it might be for you, but why did I even bother. It was a very rainy and stormy morning so I did not want to venture out into that. And so began the pounding headache. And it escalated throughout the day. I decided to finally recruit the help of my Dad next door. I popped a few Excedrin’s, drank a little water, and went to lay down in bed in an attempt to sleep it off while the kids got to play with Papa. I felt like I just tossed and turned and I could feel my heart racing from all the caffeine in the pills I took. Sleep was not happening even after an hour of laying there. The headache still remained. So I got up and relieved my Dad and decided I needed to go get my coffee. Just the thought of it started to make me feel better. Dunkin’ Donuts here I come. I ordered my favorite – a small hot caramel latte, no sugar and drank the headache away. I normally don’t like to drink too much coffee after 4pm, but today just had to be an exception. I also stocked back up on ground coffee and will make sure to never let this happen again.

Earlier this morning while Luke was taking his morning nap I decided to jump in the shower. Carson was sitting in front of the TV enjoying the one millionth showing of a movie we rented from the library, so all was good. So I thought! After my shower I hear Luke babbling in his bed and also I hear Carson giggling. At first I thought, “Oh how cute they are talking to each other and having fun.” Then I came to my senses and realized there is probably something mischievous going on and I best go and check on the boys. I walk in the room and see Luke standing up in his crib with a sweet smile on his face and also with a huge blob of baby lotion all over his head. Carson on the other hand is sitting in the rocking chair next to the crib with the evidence in his hands (a bottle of baby lotion) and a sly smile on his face. I asked Carson what was going on and his response was, “I’m getting Luke ready for summer and putting his lotion on so he can go outside.” What a little stinker! He once again proves the point that I can’t leave him alone for more than a few minutes without him getting into some kind of trouble. But, all I could do was laugh (and make sure Carson didn’t see me!) I would have taken a picture, but the lotion was starting to makes it way down Luke’s forehead and I didn’t want to risk it going into his eyes.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A few posts for July

Saturday, July 15, 2006
In the van I keep a changing pad for when I need to change Luke’s diaper on the go. On the pad are trains and the words “toot, toot!” Taylor pulled the changing pad out and laid it on his lap. He asked, “What is this?” And I tell him it is what I use when I change Luke’s poopy diapers. He gets a very disgusted look on his face and replies, “No wonder it says ‘toot, toot!’”

July 2006
Carson likes to watch the movie Toy Story and one of his favorite characters in the movie is Buzz Lightyear. He’s watched this movie a lot. The other day while the movie was playing he came up to me and asked in a very serious voice, “Mom, what’s in Buzz Light’s ears?”

I was eating a Hershey Kiss that my Mom gave me and there were a few different varieties. I put one in my mouth and replied, “Oh – caramel.” Carson spoke up and asked, “Is it a caramel latte?” I must go to Dunkin’ Donuts too much for him to know that!