Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Crew 2009

And what a combination they were. I present to you the Ninja, the old man (Ghetto style), and the police officer. Each of them choose their own costumes this year.

Halloween Revisited

This post was originally posted last Halloween (2008) and thought it would be fun to revisit some past Halloween moments:


Happy Halloween everyone! I wish you and your families a fun-filled, sugar-high, spooky night of fun. What are your little ghost and goblins dressing up as tonight as you make your way around the neighborhood?

I thought it would be fun to recall some of the past Halloween costumes I and my family have worn.

What were some of your favorites when you would dress up for Halloween? It's such a fun time of year where you can be a "kid" again.

Most recently, last year my golf course costume (which won me first place in a contest!)

Also, last year at our Mommy's Group Halloween Party.
I was a one-horned devil a.k.a. "One Horny Devil"

Here is the family in 2003 as the Scooby Doo Gang.
I still can't believe I convinced my husband to spray paint his hair and tie a scarf ascot around his neck. He's a true sport! Gotta love that Halloween spirit.

Here I am in 2001 with my skeleton son and Devil dog daughter. I love this picture and had to include it even though I didn't dress up that year.

1999 - My Alanis Morissette obsession phase (that lasted too long). Along with my son the cow. What a combination.

And here are the happy dead bride and groom in 1998. These costumes were so much fun.

And what dead bride and groom wouldn't be complete without their offspring Cookie Monster son?

Now we jump way back to the past to 1985. I am the Gizmo creature from the movie Gremlins (that my super talented Dad sewed from scratch) and my best bud Jenny the clown is pictured next to me. Some neighbor we didn't even know invited us into their house to take our picture. Luckily it was a lot safer back then than it is this day in age and we both lived to tell the story.

Oh yes, the punk rocker chick in 1986. I had aspirations! Check out those jelly bracelets!

And every girls dream - to be a ditzy cheerleader back in 1987.
That concludes my caught-on-camera Halloween costumes. I hope you've enjoyed this blast from the past. I know I sure did.

Have a fun and Happy Halloween.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Football or Bust!

Apparently my 6 year old thinks I'm the bust mom.


You gotta love phonetic spelling.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The letter H

Today's letter of the day is brought to you by Luke.

It was letter H day at preschool. Each child was to wear a crazy hat. Luke choose a motorcycle helmet - how clever. They had a healthy snack and worked on their H homework.

I picked Luke up after school and he handed me his papers from the day. I looked over them and was happy with his handiwork. He continued to tell me about the sound that the letter H makes, "hhhhaa."

"Very good," I replied and continued to say words that began with the h sound making sure I enunciated the beginning h sound of each word, "hhhhouse, hhhat, hhhelp."

Luke gave it a try and responded, "hhhhzebra."

We'll keep working on that letter H.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Battle scars

First, it was the end of April when Luke slipped off the couch-fort him and his brothers made and smacked his chubby little cheek on the coffee table causing a nasty gash. It didn't phase him much.

Then there was a bee sting 3 weeks ago that left his poor little ear red and swollen. There were no apparent stingers, so a good icing and a some motrin and he was good to go.

Or so I thought.
(He was not too happy about this event and told me that bees are no longer his friend.)

A week later he complained of his ear being hot and itchy. I called the doctor's office and they felt he should come in to be seen. We find out that his ear was infected and gets put on an antibiotic for a week. That seemed to do the trick.

Then 2 days ago the boys were riding their bikes in circles in the garage. Luke made a quick turn and down he went smacking his forehead onto the hard concrete floor. He's got a nice shiner to show for it.

This boy sure has had his share of battle scars the past few months. And through it all, he's still such a cutie-pie!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Homemade is best.

So, even though we have one of these in our backyard and it was a beautiful fall day today,

My oldest son and a neighbor friend decided to create this in the basement instead:


Thursday, October 08, 2009

Put some clothes on.

I was searching around the other day for new ab workout ideas and came across some old workout video tapes (yes, as in VHS). Back in the day before I became a gym rat I did these videos in the comfy privacy of my pajamas home.

For old times sake (and a really good laugh) I put in my Arms and Abs of Steel video from 1992.


The workout was pretty good and I am going to steal use a few of her moves, but the outfit and the hair and the music and did I mention the outfit?

The box should seriously have had a warning label on it. WARNING: Bad feathered bangs sticking out of a cycling hat straight from the 80's, bright blinding white workout shoes with stretched out tube socks, and lack of clothing. She had on a green sports bra - ok I get that, even though you wouldn't catch me wearing one by itself. But seriously, panty hose and a matching green thong! What?!?!

Luke was sitting with me watching it and I felt like I should have been covering his eyes. His comment said it all. He asked, "Mom, why is that lady naked?"


Tuesday, October 06, 2009

How to tell your man you love him.

Today in the mail came a package of coupons. I thumbed through them expecting the same old advertisements and anticipated throwing them all in the recycle bin.

But one coupon in particular sparked my interest.

So apparently they are marketing this new chocolate covered bacon to men. What? We women don't love bacon too? Maybe the carnivorous men are more apt to devour this new concoction. But hurry it's limited time only - just in time for Sweetest Day! There's no better way to say "I love you honey" than fat lard covered in chocolate.

And if you happen to miss your once in a lifetime opportunity to indulge yourself with this artery clogging delectable delight, I happened to find a chocolate covered bacon recipe so you can do it yourself. Now that would be a memorable way to celebrate Sweetest Day.

Bacon and chocolate = the way to win a man's heart (via stomach).

I suppose a side of antacid would be a nice compliment to this "treat."

Us American's will dip anything in chocolate. To your health!