Monday, January 15, 2007

I have been tagged.

Thanks to my friend Beth for tagging me with this "meme". Here you go, just for you!

Five "secrets" about me (plus one extra):

1. I have always wanted to play the drums. In middle school I had the choice between French horn and percussion. Being that my older brother Jay plays the drums I thought I would choose something different. Should have thought twice about that decision.

2. My favorite candy has got to be Sno-caps!

3. I have been using the same Cover Girl blush since high school.

4. I am addicted to watching the show called Intervention on TLC. It has to do with addictions, hmmm maybe I'll be it's next culprit! JJ!

5. I love guys with medium to long hair. Very sexy!

6. I still have some of my favorite childhood toys such as my ALF doll, Rainbow Bright doll, My Little Ponies, and Smurf hand puppets.

So these aren't really secrets, but why would I want to give the real good ones away?