Monday, November 20, 2006

To be thankful

Oh the joy of going grocery shopping at Wal-Mart the week of Thanksgiving! I thought that with it being Monday I would be safe from the crowds, but that sure was not the case today. When I pulled into the parking lot it was fuller than a usual Monday, just not crazy full. But upon entering the store is when I really should have just turned around and gone back home. That is, if I was a smart lady. But, I needed to get groceries so my family can actually have a real dinner instead of grilled cheese and PB&J sandwiches. My list was very organized in the order of the aisles (yeah, I know I am really prepared), the kids had just eaten lunch and it was a few hours before their naps, plus I made sure Carson had gone potty before we left home. Everything should have gone smoothly, but I should have known better than to expect that. As we are about half way done, I end up running into my hair dresser who is currently on maternity leave. It was nice to see her and we got to chat for a moment, but that is when Carson started trying to poke holes with his finger in the fresh meat section. We quickly moved on to the dairy section and I noticed that Luke had lost a shoe. Luckily a man came up to me and handed me Luke’s shoe – how he managed to find us in the crowd of shoppers I have no idea, but I am thankful for that. So we get down to the last few items I need and Carson insists very loudly that he has to go poop. Just great, “Can’t you wait until we get home?,” I ask. He yells even louder, “No Mom – I have diarrhea!” I could feel my face turning a bright shade of red as we hustled to the bathrooms which, thankfully again were close by. I park the full cart and remove Luke from the seat as we hurry into a stall; all three of us into a very small bathroom stall in which the door opened to the inside. It was a bit of a tight squeeze. A woman was just leaving the handicapped stall so I thought we had the bathroom to ourselves. Carson is doing his thing as I am trying to hold a squirming Luke. Thankfully it wasn't diarrhea, but normal number 2. When he’s done I had him stand up and lean over so I could wipe him. While his head is down by the floor he says, “Mom, I see a butt. Whose butt is that?” Now my face has turned an even brighter shade of red. To my horror the bathroom was not empty and there was a lady with black shoes on next to us quietly sitting on the toilet. I was not only embarrassed for myself, but also for this poor lady whose butt was being looked at and commented on by my 3 year old. I had to get us out of there before she came out as I would have dreaded making eye contact with her. There were a few more items on my list, but I sure as heck wasn’t going to hang around to get them. I had to get to the checkout lanes a.s.a.p! While standing in line I am constantly looking at every woman’s shoes to see if they are the same ones as the lady in the bathroom. But thankfully I did not find the match. After I get all of our items loaded onto the conveyor belt, I notice Carson is messing with the credit card unit that you swipe your card through. So when I go to swipe my card, somehow Carson managed to change it to Spanish instead of English, which I don’t know much of, if any. Somehow I got through it and I got everyone loaded back into the van to head home. Thankfully that adventure was over.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Funny Comments

Today we went to Greiger's to have the oil changed in our van. While we were in the waiting room a man walked past us and was wearing a cowboy hat. Carson looked at him and replied quite loudly, "Hey Howdy!"

The other day while we were in the front room a school bus went past the house. I replied, "There goes the middle school bus." Carson then asked, "Is Taylor is middle school?" I replied, "No, he's in elementary school and you, Carson, are in pre-school and Mommy is in no school." Then Carson paused and asked, "Mom, are you in stores?" I had to laugh at that. I guess his concept of when you're finished with school is that you go shopping. Not a bad idea!

I was getting ready to go workout at the gym and Carson comes up to me with my baseball cap and says, "Here Mom, don't forget to wear your helmet!"

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Luke's first haircut

Luke is now 18 months old and I hated to do it, but we finally had him get his first haircut. Goodbye curls in the back! What really brought me to do it was the fact that on more than one occasion people thought he was a girl. Now come on - he is so a boy! I have included some before and after pictures that I know you will enjoy. We went to Locks of Fun here in town. Luke got to sit in a Power Wheels police car and watched Dora the Explorer while the lady cut his hair. He did not seem to mind or wasn't even aware that his hair was being cut. I wasn't too happy with how short they cut his bangs, but that's the great thing about hair - it will grow back. And probably really fast too! They gave us a certificate with an after picture and a lock of his hair (a curl!). So my baby now looks much too old and mature. Did you know he actually has ears! And now the big fat cheeks hang out even more. Love it!