Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A dream to remember

This morning I was awoken by a tickle in my throat that made me start coughing. Here is the dream I was having immediately before I woke up.

I was at Bill Cosby's condo in Detroit Michigan. (Don't ask, I don't know.) A few friends of mine were there (Mandi and Jenny) along with my MIL (who earlier in the dream was pushing me in an adult size stroller). I was eating those chocolate mini donuts gems you get in a bag from the grocery store. There were crumbs all over the floor, but Bill's 3 black dogs (chihuahuas) were helping lick them up. Bill opens the door and comes inside with his Dad. He looks at the crumbs as he takes off his coat and tells me that I better clean them up. I get up to follow him downstairs to find the vacuum cleaner (while still eating donuts) . As Bill turns around, his Dad and I notice that the entire back of his sweater (you know those famous Coogi sweaters he always wore on the Cosby Show) was completely burned off. His Dad and I started busting out laughing and I start to gag and choke on my donuts.

That is where I woke up and was actually coughing.

Dreams are freaky. Especially when they involve Bill Cosby, a burnt sweater and choking on donut crumbs.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Stupid dog tricks

Here is a cute video of my girl Sasha. She has this funny way of "crying" when she sees an animal outside. Luckily she doesn't have a loud obnoxious bark, just this whiny, sad, pathetic squeak.

And this video is of my parents dog, Fritz. They came to visit this week for a few days. Fritz shows us how good he is at diving even if there is no water. He's so dumb silly.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The jelly incident

Having a family of three boys you can bet we go through a lot of pb&j sandwiches. More than I would care to admit, and I am a guilty participant. I could easily eat one for lunch every day.

The other day I was making lunch for the boys and was at the bottom of the jar of jelly. There was probably enough left to make a few more sandwiches. I scraped the knife at the bottom of the jar and looked down at the bread. Sitting there was a decent size piece of glass. The knife must have hit a soft spot which made the glass chip off the bottle.

Thank the Lord I spotted the glass before I fed the sandwich to one of the boys. I cringe just thinking about it.

This whole ordeal was not sitting well with me and I decided to call the company and report what had happened. What if this was happening to other people? It could be dangerous and potentially fatal. I called and explained the situation, and they assured me that the company has many checks in place to be sure the glass is not defective before it leaves the facility. She believes it may have been handled roughly upon delivery to the store or when it was at the store. Who knows. But she was glad I called in to report it and that no one got hurt. Ditto.

I think I will be sticking to plastic jars of jelly in the future. You just never know.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Then and now

Us girls back in the day
(Jenny, Mandi, Lynette)

Us girls today
(Jenny, Lynette, Mandi)Best friends for life.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mystery solved

I am very impressed. There were some very good guessers out there which makes me wonder if it's from experience or it was an easy challenge. But either way, thanks for playing along.

I must award points to Nicole, Beth, Leanne, and Kathy. Anonymous gets half a point for guessing pizza, but it was not moldy. (Who the heck would guess that? Probably my husband.) It was just a really hot slice of pizza on a paper plate. Nicole hit it right on so maybe I'll give her the second prize as well. ((virtual hug!)) I am not sure what the rest of you can do with your points. Maybe one day I will give out actual prizes or a giveaway, but until then you'll have to be content with worthless, meaningless, pretend points.

I searched the internet in hopes for a good solution to this heat mark. There were some really quirky ones, but I decided to choose the one that made the least amount of sense. (That makes a lot of sense, huh?)

I placed a white t-shirt over the mark and put my clothes iron (set to high) over the t-shirt. I first tried pushing the steam button and rubbing over the t-shirt for a minute or so. I checked to see what progress if any it was making and it looked like I had made it worse. I didn't panic because I had my backup plan thanks to Beth - put a towel over it. I'm all about covering up stains and marks and I've had a bit of practice thanks to my 3 boys and a dog who likes to eat garbage when we leave. (Sorry Leanne, that's going to have to go on the negative side of your dog list.)

I decided to stop using the steam button and just rub over it with it set to high for another minute or so. I checked again and it now it was not just the pizza heat mark, but the area surrounding the pizza was heat stained as well. Crap.

At this point I am considering trashing the whole thing, but I figured how much worse can I make it if I go over the entire top of the table. So I laid the shirt over the entire table and began ironing the whole surface for another minute. When I looked under and the steam began to fade it started to look a lot more uniform. I dried it off and applied Method's wood cleaner which has the most wonderful almond smell to it, and it looks like nothing ever happened to it.


Here is the before:
And here is the after:

We're eating cold pizza from now on.

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Monday, November 17, 2008

The mysterious shape

Do you have any idea what you're looking at in this picture?

Well, first off it's one of my end tables that I got for Christmas last year or maybe it was the year before.

That's not my point.

Do you see the shape there in the middle? It looks somewhat like a flag shape or a triangle.

I'll give points to the first person who can guess what that is, how it got there, what caused it, etc.

And I'll give a hug and be very grateful to anyone who can tell me how to get rid of it.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Puddle of milk

I never realized how much milk was really in a gallon until it was spilled all over my kitchen floor.

I had bought a bunch of groceries and Taylor was helping me bring them in. The 4 milk gallons were on the edge of the counter and Taylor was putting more bags on the counter which pushed one of the gallons off the edge, catapulting it to the floor. There it burst open splattering milk up to 12 feet in each direction and leaving a gushing lake of cow juice on my floor and kitchen rug. I screamed and ran to get as many kitchen towels as I could. What a mess. A stinky milky mess. The milk was starting to go under the base boards and I would push against it to try and squeeze it out. The dog even put her efforts in and started licking some of it up, bless her heart.

I really hate unnecessary waste, but like they say, accidents do happen. It's inevitable. I guess I should be glad that only one gallon fell and not all four of them. Then we would have been taking a milk bath that day.


I was looking through some files on my computer the other day when I came across a video that my oldest son took of his brother. I got such a kick out of his moves. Who knew I had street dancer? Not bad for a 5 year old.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The many faces of Luke

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Some stuff about moi (me)

I was tagged a week ago by Jenny at Daily Dose of Motherhood to participate in a meme that lists 8 random things about myself. I just realized after checking back on the "rules" that it's actually only 7 things, but I already made the list so you're getting 8. Deal with it. So, without further ado, I bring you my exciting list of not 7, but 8 things you always wanted to know about me. Try to contain yourselves.

1) I have this strange habit of peeling things not as in vegetables, but like chipped paint or nail polish that is starting to come off. I could sit and peel it for hours. To me it's therapeutic.

2) I also love piecing things back together such as puzzles or a ripped up quiz that some 5th grader living in this house tried to hide.
It only took me about an hour to tape it back together. And if you're going to rip up a paper, don't leave pieces of it scattered around the floor by the garbage can. I'm going to figure it out. If (I had to take a quiz on kinetic and potential energy I would have ripped it up as soon as it was handed to me.)

I've been know to do this type of thing (piece things together) since I was a kid. Just ask my dad. One day when I was about 8 years old I saw a bunch of pieces of plastic in the garbage. So I pulled them all out, got my scotch tape and pieced back together about 20 credit cards that he had cut up. He wasn't very happy with what I did even though it took a month before he found out. I had a lot of fun playing store with them.

3) So that leads me to announce that I am a bit of a curious person. I wouldn't go as far as calling myself a snoop, but it's close. This one time I was at a person's house with some friends that none of us had ever been to. I went to use the bathroom and washed my hands, but couldn't find a towel to dry them off. I did what I think any normal person would do and looked in the cabinet under the sink. Still no towel. But I did find a naked Barbie doll (this lady has two older boys) so I thought it would be funny to display the barbie straddling the faucet. (I've got a twisted sense of humor.) I never did see that lady again. It's probably for the best.

4) And look, another lead in. I love, love, love sarcasm and humor. I am drawn to sarcastic people. Humor is a must, but I wonder if I sometimes take it too far (see #3). Here's another funny story. A few years back at Christmas I opened a present and inside was a stainless steel martini shaker (awesome!). Well, later that day my oldest brother and his wife came over and he noticed the shaker sitting on the end table. He picked it up and started shaking it around and goofing off. I looked at him in the most serious pissed off face and I said, "That's an urn that contains Jason's grandma's ashes." And holy crap - the look of shock and sincere remorse on his face was so flippin hilarious! I got him SO good. But, hello - I was just j0king! We still talk and laugh about it to this day.

5) Jason's grandma's are still alive, so I felt bad using that as an example in #4. But, both sets of my grandparents have passed. My dad's dad was the most recent I believe back in 1999 or ,2000. Wow, has it been that long? I have so many good memories of my time spent with them. I can only hope my boys will continue to have the same if not greater memories with their grandparents as they grow up.

6) I used to do a lot of selling (and buying) on Ebay, but I just recently started getting hooked on Craigslist. So far we've sold a dryer and gas fire bowl. It was so easy and now I am trying to find other things I can get rid of. My boys have a look of fear in their eyes. Why are they standing guard in front of their toys?

7) I have had this annoying cough for the past few days and at night is when it really acts up. I will wake up coughing and cough medicine does nothing except make me feel like I'm having an out of body experience the rest of the day. My FIL emails me this thing about putting Vicks on your feet before bed. I was skeptical, but desperate and last night I tried it. I lathered on the Vicks VapoRub put on my socks and climbed into bed. And wouldn't you know it - I slept sound all night long with no coughing. Call it crazy, but I have to say it actually worked for me. Next time the boys get that middle of the night cough, I am going to try it on them.

8) I am going to be changing the name of my blog in the near future, but I am a little nervous. I seriously dislike the name I have now - it's so boring and plain. When I got the idea to start blogging it was a name that I picked out quite hastily and I wish I would have been a bit more creative. My new name is going to be so much better, but coming up with a new design idea is where I keep getting stumped. It's coming, just not sure when. I know you'll be sitting on the edge of your seats in anticipation. I hope to not disappoint.

If you'd like to participate and list 7 or 8 things about yourself, consider yourself tagged and let me know you tagged yourself. I may laugh at you for playing with yourself, but then I'll stop rolling on the floor and check out your blog.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Lucky 13

Today I bring you installment #13 of my boys and their funny sayings - how lucky are you? And this batch doesn't fail to tickle your funny bone or at least it does mine. Enjoy!

Luke spilled his drink on his coat. I told him I would wash it when we got home in the washing machine. He disagrees and says, "No. I'll put it in the bathtub."

Jason and I arrived back home from our cruise and I asked Luke if he was a good boy while we were gone. He replied, "Yes and I didn't say damn."

On the cruise we watched the new Indiana Jones movie. When we got home I told Carson what we saw and he asked, "Did Daddy freak out?"

While driving in the car Carson started to complain that he had nothing to play with. Luke replies in a monotone voice, "Just play with your shoe."

Luke's word for Kleenax is "sneeze-snack."

Luke had finished doing his business in the bathroom and called me in to check it out. He pointed to his "duty" and called it Indiana Jones. I asked him why he called it that and Luke responds, "Because it's a whip. An Indiana Jones whip!"

Luke was looking through the bowl of Halloween candy and decided to pick out a Starburst except he didn't call it by that name, he called it a "Star Wars."

And that's all folks! Click on the link below to read previous funny kid saying courtesy of my 3 boys.

Have a great weekend!

Could you imagine?!?

This story caught my eye in yesterday's paper. I could not even begin to imagine how I would have reacted. Wow.


Jogger runs mile with rabid fox locked to arm

LOS ANGELES (AFP) — A woman jogger ran for a mile with a rabid fox clamped to her arm before locking the animal in the trunk of her car and racing to hospital for treatment, police said Thursday.

Michelle Felicetta was out running on a trail at the base of Granite Mountain near Prescott, northern Arizona on Monday when she came face-to-face with the fox in a clearing, Yavapai County Sheriff's Office said.

The woman attempted to back away from the animal but as she did so the fox lunged and sunk its teeth into her feet. After grabbing the animal by the neck the fox bit Felicetta on the arm and would not release his grip.

The quick-thinking jogger realized she would need to keep the animal for testing so ran back to her car where she managed to prise its jaws open before throwing it in the trunk and driving to hospital.

The fox also bit an animal control officer who attempted to remove it from Felicetta's car. Both Felicetta and the animal officer will have to now undergo a series of vaccinations for treatment.

"This fox made eye contact with me and started walking towards me," Felicetta later told KPHO local television. "That's when I knew something was really wrong."

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Candy OCD

I have issues, but I'm sure this comes as no surprise since I've mentioned this before.

Every Halloween since I was a kid I would bring home my candy and count it. My OCD (counting in particular) goes way back.

This year was no different, well actually it was. See I don't even make sense anymore. Could be the head cold medicine with a glass of wine talking. But back to my point (if there really is one) ((and is anyone still reading this)) ((( I'm losing it!))) - this year I thought I wasn't going to be as "anal" as I have been in the past.

But the other day got the best of me and I couldn't resist it any longer. I had to do it. I am so ashamed (not really, but I thought it sounded like the right thing to say.)

Not only did I count it, but I sorted it by candy type, in rows, with the labels all facing the same direction.

Somebody help me.

Do you know how hard it was for me to put the candy back into the bowl and see it all get messed up and unorganized? But at least I got a picture of my craziness organizational method. And every time I see it, it makes me happy and also I realize what a freak I really am.


I really hope my kids don't acquire this annoying habit of mine, but I think I may have already passed it on.

Here's some proof.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Sign me up.

Did you all get out to vote today?

Good (that is if you answered yes, and if you answered no, what are you waiting for? Get a move on it already, would ya!)

I've been reminiscing these last few days about our cruise vacation. All the endless food buffets, lounging around the pool being served cocktails, indulging in wonderful bottles of wine. It was all so divine - and now I find it difficult to adjust back to cooking and cleaning for not only myself, but my entire family. Can't someone just hand me a menu, bring me my dinner and feed me, fluff my pillows, turn down my sheets at night and that little mint on the pillow is a nice touch, add that to the list too?

Hey, a girl can dream, can't she?

During the cruise we went to our first wine tasting "seminar"and I really enjoyed it. I now have a new way to pronounce the word merlot with an accent and you accentuate the 'mer' not the 'lot'. I am on the look out for more wine tasting events.

Today I saw an advertisement for this. Heaven I tell you. Can you imagine over 400 different wines to taste? Pinch me, I must be dreaming again. And it's right down the road from me. Now I just need to find someone who loves wine as much as I do to join me. I'll even split the cab fare with you!

Any takers this Friday night?

Monday, November 03, 2008

Back to life, back to reality

It feels good to be back home again and see the smiling faces of my three

Jason and I had a wonderful time on our cruise this past week and the time flew by.

The weather didn't want to cooperate to the fullest, and therefore we endured some pretty rocky conditions. I still feel like the boat is rocking even though I am on solid ground. It's such a strange sensation - sea legs. It wasn't until the last day at sea that we had sunshine. Otherwise, it was always cloudy and windy - so windy that at each port of call we went to they had to cancel any water activities.

I experienced a lot of firsts on this cruise even though we've cruised in the past. I wanted to stay open minded and embrace new opportunities. I had my first taste of escargot (a fancy word for snails). And they were absolutely delicious - seriously. Anything you smother in garlic and butter sauce should taste good and these were no exception.

Another first was experiencing the "jump zone" which was freakin' awesome! It's a trampoline with bungee cords that you are harnessed into. When you jump you're launched into the air - it was such a rush! I was even doing back flips. But that harness did a number on my inner thighs. Ouch! In the picture you can see the dark clouds starting to come towards us.

I wanted to try the rock climbing wall, but the weather was too windy and they had to close it for the majority of the trip. I can just imagine someone being blown off into the ocean when they reached the top. No thanks.

While we were in Cozumel, Mexico I held a very large iguana whose name was Tequila - seems like a fitting name. He was a cool dude. I was a little concerned about getting bit or pooped on, but he just sat there and looked at me. Thank goodness.

I took my first salsa dance class and found it very enjoyable. I am sure I was able to work off a few extra calories while shaking my hips. And I also found it a bit challenging to run on the treadmill while we endured some rather large waves. It was a total balance challenge, but I managed to get thorough it.

And get this, I played bingo - Ha! That even makes me laugh. The prize was a free cruise - so yeah, I was going to take a shot at winning. Jason was only 2 away from getting a bingo, but it didn't happen. Oh well - we still had fun. I did end up winning $5 off a pop-open which is similar to a scratch off card. So we weren't at a complete loss.

One of the coolest memories I have of our vacation was a show called Howie & Bert. They are these two comedian jugglers who are very entertaining. We were sitting in the 3rd row and half way into their routine they ask for a female volunteer. Sure, I raise my hand quite timidly and wouldn't you know it? They picked me and up I went on the stage - in front of a packed auditorium. I had such stage fright and could hardly keep my legs from shaking, plus did I mention the boat was rocking? - a lot! As I am standing up there I wonder what in the world I got myself into. Then they bring out 6 really sharp machete knives. I was seriously rethinking my volunteer position, but they made me feel comfortable. So here I stand with these two guys juggeling knives in front of my face and behind my head, praying to god I don't get my nose or any other body part chopped off. And sure enough - I survived. The funny thing was that people kept recognizing me as the "volunter" for the next few days. I guess you could say that was my 10 minutes of fame.

And here is something even crazier. I get an email yesterday through Facebook from a girl that I graduated with in high school and here is what she said:

Hey Lynette, I dont know if you remember me. We graduated together, but I just had to tell you I saw you a few days ago on the cruise when those two guys pulled you up on stage. You were so adorable!! Glad you didnt get cut up! I was on vaca with my family. When you went up there I was like, If shes says her name is Lynette I will freak out. I said to my family, I know her. You should go to the website those guys had. Im sure they tape their shows. I hope you had fun. I still feel like I'm rocking on the boat. Ugh. Take Care, gina

What are the chances of that happening? It was pretty cool I must say. I contacted Howie & Bert to see if I could get a copy of the show, but they don't get the tapes from the cruise. I have also sent an email to customer service from the cruise and I am hoping they may be able to supply me with a copy. I'll keep you updated.

Here I am posing with the very creative towel creatures. We weren't too sure what this one was supposed to be. A duck maybe? Who knows? It was interesting to see what animal would be welcoming us to our room each night.

And then we started getting silly and having a little fun with the statues that were on different levels of the ship. And yes, that is only coffee in our hands - we had not yet had alcohol that day. Maybe I should have lied so you don't think we're that big of dorks. Oh well, now you know the true me. I am a kid at heart.