Thursday, May 13, 2010

Got milk?

I had an interesting conversation with Luke today about milk while having lunch at Arbys.

"Mom, where does milk come from?" asked Luke.

I responded, "From cows of course."

"No, but how do they get it out, do they pee it out?" asked Luke.

"Uh - no, that would be gross. It comes out of their udders." I said confidently.

Luke, with a confused look on his face, continued by asking, "Well, what are udders?"

At this point I wasn't sure how I was going to explain them, so non-chalantly I said, "udders are kind of like boobs." (You tell me how you'd explain them any better!)

Luke looked at me with grin on his face and said, "Yeah, cows have Moobs!"

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A 4 Year Old Perspective on Breakfast

It was breakfast time and I asked the boys what they would like to eat.

Luke responds, "How about those hot dogs."

I was a little perplexed with his response and told him he couldn't have hot dogs for breakfast but to pick some cereal.

He told me he wanted hot dog cereal. Here I sit wondering if someone seriously 'invented' hot dog cereal, which would be nasty and I can't imagine anyone would eat it, but these days anything is possible.

I open the pantry to give him some options (other than hot dog cereal) and start reading them to him.

Chocolate cheerios?


Apple Jacks?


Lucky Charms?


(Yes, we like our cereal loaded with sugar.)

Then I pull out the box of Honey Smacks (puffed wheat cereal). I look at the picture and think to myself, surely he can't mean this?

I show him the box and ask if this is what he wants. He responds, "Yeah, the hot dog cereal!"

I guess from a 4 year olds perspective they do kind of look like mini hot dog buns.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Proof in pictures

Here is undeniable proof that we live in a house with boys.

Frozen pounds of ground beef are used to cool off with.

Little boys get into Mommy's nail polish.

Laundry piles never seem to go away.

Hangers get used for abstract art projects.

Poor army men get eaten by sharks at bath time.

Crazy dress up play and battles exist.

True love.

Grocery bags turn into roller coaster rides.

Jumping in leaves has even more meaning when done on a trampoline.

Black eyes are a common battle wound especially when you're trying to keep up with the big 'dogs.'

Spills are quite evident.

A broken arm that can't keep a 6 year old down.

More battle wounds on the cutest face ever.

Napkins become facial decorations.

More true love - they know how to get in the holiday spirit.

Time outs.

Facial contortions.


No need for blocks - a paper cup tower is way cooler.

Fun with painters tape.

No need for a play set when you have bare feet and a good door frame.

Really getting into dental hygiene.

Something good must be in the microwave.

And I wouldn't change it for the world!

Thursday, January 07, 2010

For the record.

Here is another dose of my children's comments that I have to post for the record. These make me laugh and I hope they do the same for you.


Carson and I were sitting at the table one day coloring together. Out of the blue he says, "Mom, don't tell anyone, but there's this girl in my class who's absolutely hot." I about fell off my chair hearing that from my 6 year old, but I maintained my composure and tried not to make a big deal about it.

When my husband was a kid he fell down a slide and got a gash in his forehead, which has left a scar. 4 year old Luke was sitting on dad's lap examining dad's face and says, "Daddy, I can see the crack in your forehead."

I had worked out earlier during the day and had not yet changed out of my workout clothes which consisted of a sleeveless vest with a tank top underneath. Carson was picking out some clothes to wear and pulled out a t-shirt along with a basketball jersey. I was standing nearby watching what he was doing. Carson said he needed to wear the t-shirt under the jersey so he wouldn't look like a hillbilly. I looked at my vest and asked him if he thought I looked like a hillbilly and he adamantly replied, "Well, Yeah!"

I went to check on Luke early in the morning and noticed his door was completely shut, which it's normally only half open. So I slowly and quietly opened the door and saw Luke in his bed with the sheets pulled up to where only his eyes were peeking out and they were wide open. I walked over to him to see if he was ok and noticed the smell of chocolate. I asked what he was eating and he replied, "cheese." I then pulled back the covers and see that he helped himself to a chocolate chip cookie and snuck it back into bed with him.

While decorating our Christmas tree Luke pulled out a Noah's Ark ornament and excitedly said, "Look - it's Oah's Nark!"

Taylor wasn't able to locate his iphone so I told him to check with Luke who likes to sneak off and play with it. Taylor went to Luke's room, looked under his bed, and sure enough it was there. I asked Luke why Taylor found his iphone under his bed and he replied, "I don't know, it magically appeared there."

Carson has a habit of eating his food really fast. The other night I made a ham for dinner and as usual Carson started shoveling his food in. Without thinking of what I was saying, I told him to stop being like a pig when you eat your ham. How cheesy is that?!

You can tell our boys have a Wii game system. The other day they were at the gym in the play room and were playing a baseball game on an old Playstation 2. They kept swinging the remote even though it wasn't necessary. My boys are programmed in Wii-mode and there's no reversing that!