Saturday, January 31, 2009

Answers revealed

Thanks to Amy and FC for playing along with my blog version of Mad Gab.  You guys did really good - I am impressed.  The only 2 that were not guessed were:

#5 - Use Header Moth Fuel
#7 - Hicks Hits Worsen Whirs

So without further delay, here are the answers:

1) Do you come here often

2) Why didn’t you say so 

3) The more the merrier

4) Life is beautiful

5) You said a mouthful

6) What a strange language

7) It gets worse and worse

8) Ridiculous

9) Use your noodle

10) It’s been good for me 

11) Please be serious 

12) No ifs, ands or buts 

13) If you only knew

14) A round of applause

15) Where do you think you’re going

16) Talk to the hand

17) Have a nice day

18) Thank you

19) All my love

If you still haven't had enough Mad Gab game play you can go to this website and play online.  Have fun!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Breaking up is hard to do

Have you played along and submitted your guesses yet for my Mad Gab blog version game yet?  There's still time.  I will be posting the answers tomorrow.  So click on over and start talking to yourself in a strange language and see if you can guess the phrases.

Today I am very nervous.  

I've been seeing the same person for the last 6 years and today I am seeing someone new, but I haven't told the other person of the breakup.  I need someone who is accessible and at my disposal.  Someone that I can call, tell them what I need and get satisfaction. 

I am breaking up with my hair stylist.  Gasp!  And it's not something I want to do because I really like her, we get along great and she knows just how to cut my hair.  But there's one slight problem.  She's 250 miles away.  

Today I decided it's time to find a new hair salon that is only 2 miles away.  But I am scared for my hair.  And it's not that I am going to do anything drastic, but I have always been confident with my lady and would let her pretty much do whatever to my hair.  And now I am starting all over.  Pray for me and my hair would ya?  

So here are the before shots with my natural wave hair.  And if the 'after' hair is any good I will be back with an update and pictures.  If not, you can assume the worst.   

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Game time!

I love to play games whether it be with my kids or with my family.  One of my favorite games has to be Mad Gab.  You have to solve word puzzles which consist of smaller words put together.  When you read it aloud you have to try to sound out the phrase.  It's a brilliant idea really and it can be played by yourself, with as little as two people, or as a whole group.

Today I thought it would be fun to play my blog version of Mad Gab.  Read through the following phrases and post your answers in the comments section.  I will post the correct answers in the next few days.  Good luck, have fun and don't forget it really helps to say the words out loud. (And make sure if people are around they know what you're doing otherwise you'll sound like a complete idiot - just a warning.)

1) Duke Hum Mere Off Hen

2) Wide Hidden Chews Haze Hoe

3) Thumb Worth Hum Hairier

4) Lie Fizz Booty Fell

5) Use Header Moth Fuel

6) Was Estrange Lank Wedge

7) Hicks Hits Worsen Whirs

8) Read Hick Yule Us

9) You Shore Knew Dull

10) Hit Spin Could Form He

11) Police Bees Eerie Us

12) Know Whiff Fans Herb Huts

13) Few Own Lean Hue

14) Around Dove Apple Laws

15) Weirdo Youth Ink York Owing

16) Tock Toothy And

17) Heaven Iced Hey

18) Than Cue

19) Awe Mile Of

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wednesday picture post

I couldn't really title this a "Wordless Wednesday" post today since I have some explaining to do with the picture I posted.  

Obviously, this is a bottle of Heineken beer, which maybe some of you are wishing you had at the moment.  
I have to share a funny story with this particular brand of beer.  We were at my parents house for Carson's birthday party and one of my brothers was drinking a Heineken beer.  My mom looked at it and asked what kind it was.  

She took a look at the bottle and read the label, except this is how she read the label, "Heineken, brewed in Holyland.  Oh, how nice."  My brother (and I) busted out laughing and had to break it to her that it was not in fact brewed in the Holyland, but in Holland.  

Oh my, that was a good one.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Grease and football

This past weekend we celebrated Carson's birthday.  We made a quick trip back to Indiana which amounted to being there for less than 24 hours and it's a 9 hour trip there and back.

Anyhoo - every time we travel my eating habits are terrible.  

Before we left I thought we'd get some breakfast, which is something I normally don't do (except drink coffee), but we were traveling and I needed me some good road food.  

We stopped at Burger King and loaded up on greasy breakfast sandwiches, hash browns and coffee (milk for the kids).  I failed to remember (until after the fact of scarfing down the oil-laden food) that I was meeting a friend and her kids for lunch and a play date at Burger King that afternoon.  Ugh.  

So yet again for lunch I got to indulge myself on more fattening food.  It didn't even taste good at that point.  I should have been a good girl and had a salad, but I didn't.  

That night we had family over at my parent's house for Carson's party and we ordered pizza.  I think I can feel the grease coming out of my pores.  Nasty!

Last night I was tucking the boys in bed and was having a conversation with Taylor.  I asked him if he knew which two teams were playing in the super bowl next weekend.  He didn't know the answer so I decided to give him clues along with some charades.  For the Cardinals I flapped my wings like a bird.  He guessed I was a seagull (I know he was joking, but seriously that would be a funny pro football team name).  Then for the Steelers I pounded my abs and flexed my muscles trying to show him abs of steel.  You know what he guessed?  Abs of jelly.  Grease may have been the better guess, but jelly?!?!  Come on!  He's so grounded. 

Monday, January 26, 2009


Have you ever experienced a life changing moment first hand?

One that rocked you to the core - so hard - that you never thought you would be able to pick up the pieces and continue on?

I have been surrounded by people in my life who have experienced these horrible life changing events.  I think to myself, how?  How can they move forward?  How do they deal with the deep pain in their hearts and souls?  How can their hope and happiness be restored?  How can they deal with the feelings of helplessness, despair and overwhelming sadness?

Today I learned that the mother of a boy in Luke's preschool passed away.  Just 3 years ago his father died in an accident.  Both of his parents are gone.  Gone.  It's unimaginable to me.  He's only 3 years old and his sister is only 5.  How can a child grow up without the love of their mother and father?  I ache for this family.  All I can do is ask why?  WHY?  But that answer will never be known.  

Life is so fragile.  We have no control over it.  That is a scary reality.  It makes you stop and put your own life in perspective.  

But I don't want to live in that fear.  I am thankful that I have hope.

I want to leave loving and lasting memories and do things in my life that have meaning and importance.  I want to love and be loved for who I am and what I have to give.  We only have one chance at this life.  There are no do-overs.  

I want to be able to let the small things go.  I want to absorb every moment I have with my kids while I watch them grow and learn.  I want to live with no regrets.  I want to be there for others and offer support and encouragement.

I desperately want peace.  And that can only come from the One above.  

Sunday, January 25, 2009

A special day

C - confident, charismatic, clever and curious

A - active, adventurous and agile

R - robust and ready for anything 

S - spirited, skilled and sweet

O - occupied and observant

N - natural and nimble

Today we celebrate you Carson and wish you a fun filled 6th birthday.  

You have brought so much joy and love into our lives.  Every time I look at that genuine smile, your dimpled cheeks and the twinkle in your eyes, it makes me feel proud that I get to be your mom.  

You are filled with so much energy and passion, but you also have a focused side and I can find you deep in thought.  You are a dynamic boy so full of life and you live every moment to the fullest.  As Maga always says, you're a Gusto Boy!

You have given us so many fun and happy memories and we look forward to the many more that are yet to come.  The world wouldn't be the same without you, my love.  May all your wishes come true.      

Saturday, January 24, 2009

6 bundles of fur

Did you think I was kidding when I told you about this?  

I almost wish I was, but no, it is true.  Our home has been increased by 6.  When researching dwarf hamster breeding I found that a litter size can range from 1 to 10.  Since we didn't even know the momma was pregnant I figured she would have one, maybe two babies, but she sure surprised us with 6!

It's been over 10 days now and they are starting to crawl around and look like little mini dwarf hamsters.  Sounds a bit ironic, mini-dwarfs.  They also make these cute little squeak noises.  

I have already told Taylor that we cannot keep 8 hamsters - that is just insane.  I may let him keep one, but the others have got to find good homes in about 3 weeks.  

Do I have any takers?  Just take a look at how darling they are.  I know you can't resist! 

(Seriously, email me if you're interested)

Friday, January 23, 2009

The interview you've been waiting for.

Today I have the privilege of being interviewed by the ever-so talented and witty Jenny at Chased by Children.  When you're done reading my responses, click on over to her blog where she has graciously answered my interview questions.  

Shall we begin?

Jenny first asks:

1.   Lynette, you've been blogging for a while now. What got you started and what keeps you going?  Is it tough to find material in Ohio?  I've been to Ohio.  It seems like it would be very tough.

I guess I have been blogging for awhile.  I had to look back to see when I started, which was February 2006 - almost 3 years ago.  So much has transpired in those 3 years and the antics of my children are what inspired me to start my blog.  I had a new baby when I began, a rambunctious toddler who loved to climb in the microwave and do other naughty things, and the oldest that has to endure the torture of having younger brothers.  These boys provide me with my daily dose of humor and love.  How could I not want to share that with the blogosphere?

And are you dissin’ Ohio?  It’s got about the same essence of excitement as Indiana - it’s a close comparison.  I guess it doesn’t matter where I’m at though.  As long as the family is with me, there’s bound to be blog material around every corner.  


2.  Taylor's hamster recently had babies.  WHAT THE HECK?  How are you keeping from being completely grossed out by having two (TWO) and now you have baby rodents?!?  I'm hoping you are just making it all up for the blog's sake.


I was being totally serious.  They are the cutest things!  I guess it helps that I had gerbils and hamsters when I was a kid.  I will have a post tomorrow with pictures too, just for you Jenny.  Adoptions will be taking place in the next 3 weeks, but I’ll go ahead and put you down for 3, one for each of your princesses.  You can thank me later.

3.  Recently you posted about the Brilliance of the Snuggie.  My daughters are completely obsessed with this commercial.  They also think it is a brilliant idea.  Are the four of you plotting together to make my brain explode?  Because I just don't get it.  How is it so different than wearing your robe backwards?


That’s a great idea.  You just saved me $19.95.  I’m going to start wearing my robe backwards. Do you think my husband will wonder what’s wrong with me?  Then again, I've done some other wacky and dumb things and he's still sticking around.

4.  After the first three questions, are you sorry you agreed to be interviewed by me?

Absolutely not.  You’re a funny gal - I am loving your questions so far - no regrets here!


5.  You have three boys, and I have three girls.  Given what's just happened with the hamsters at your house can you tell me (in percentages) how likely it is that I will ever let them sleep over at your house?

I think you just crossed the line.  You’re fired - 100%.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Is this getting boring yet?

I got a little side tracked with dumbness for awhile, but I am back to answering your burning questions.  I hope this isn't boring you too much.    

Amy (without a blog I presume) asked the following:

What kind of coffee is your favorite, and how do you 'take it'? 

Well, Amy, my first choice in coffee (and what we brew here at home in the good 'ol Bunn) is Dunkin Donuts.  For me nothing has ever come close to beating its taste.  Now, I do like Burger King's coffee (who knew they had decent coffee, you should try it some time) and I also like McDonalds.  I must have both cream (half and half) and sugar in my coffee.  Flavored creamer is ok which I like on occasion, such as holidays. I try to stay away from the strong coffee brewers out there such as Starbucks and whatever coffee Borders bookstore serves.  It's just way too strong for my liking.  But I do like Starbucks 'foo-foo' drinks such as lattes and cappuccinos,  except I normally don't splurge on those unless I have a gift card.  

Another question from another Amy (F.) asks: 

How are you liking Ohio?? I forget which city you are in, but I'm curious how you've adjusted. What do they have there that is awesome and did not have in NW Indiana? And what are you missing that your new town does not have??

Do you like to read? If so, what are some of your favorites??

Yes I do like Ohio and the city we live in because it is a great size community (not too big and not too small) with a new feel to it.  I've got my favorite stores here in town (Marshalls, World Market, Target) and the mall is just a hop skip and a jump over to the next town.

The one thing I love here is my gym - OMG - it is top of the line, awesome!  The group exercise classes are amazing, the instructors are fun and motivating, the equipment is clean and new, and it is big.  Plus my kids love to go there and play.  

As far as food goes I am loving Five Guys.  They have the best burgers and fries.  It's all made fresh to order and they cook their fries in peanut oil which gives them such a wonderful taste.  I am drooling just thinking about them.  

One thing that Ohio doesn't have that I miss a whole heck of a lot is my family and friends.  Sure I am slowing starting to make friends out here, but it's not the same and I still miss my old ones back home.  I have my good days and bad days and I try not to think too much about it, but it is hard.  I still feel like an outsider a lot of the time.  

Moving right along.

No, I do not like to read.  I feel like it's a chore plus I have no time to sit down and do it.  Currently I am in a bible study (Beth Moore - Esther: It's tough being a woman) which is forcing me to sit down and read.  Maybe some day, when the kids stop bothering me for clean clothes and food to eat, then I may be able to enjoy reading.       

That's all for today.  I've got a few more left to answer and I thank those of you who have submitted questions to me.     

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

And the award goes to...

If there was an award for the longest dumb moment I would for sure win that prize.  Hands down.  My mind must be on another planet.  Let me explain.

Monday I decided to prepare a coffee cake for ladies bible study which I had stuck in my head was on Tuesday.  I finished preparing my lesson and did a quick review Monday night before bed.  

Tuesday morning I overslept and had to rush to get myself ready.  Carson and Luke were also still asleep and it was 8:45.  We were supposed to be there at 9:00.  Needless to say we were going to be late which isn't that big of a deal since the first 15 minutes we eat and chat.  

I got everyone dressed, in the van and on the road at 9:05.  I was happy that we weren't going to be extremely late since the church is only 5 minutes down the road.  

I pulled into the parking lot and noticed there were only 10 cars parked when the usual is 5 times that amount.  I thought to myself that maybe it was cancelled due to the MLK holiday or the possibility of bad weather.  

And as I was about to park the van it hit me - like a shovel in the face.  Today was Tuesday.  Bible study is not until Wednesday.  I was an entire day early.  Unbelievable!  

And to think I could have continued to sleep and more importantly I could have let the boys continue to sleep.  The boys were understanding when I explained to them why we were going back home or maybe they were still half asleep.  

And if that wasn't enough, the day just continued to get better.  I say that in the most sarcastic voice possible. 

When I got back home I realized that I forgot to put a note in Taylor's folder for him to stay after school for basketball, which I am sure he forgot about as well.  So I knew I would have to bring him a change of clothes.  I picked up the phone to call the school and wouldn't you know it, the phone wasn't working.  No dial tone, nothing.  

After I called the school on my cell phone I contacted the phone company to report the issue hoping it was something they could fix while I was on hold, but of course not.  They would have to come out to the house and look into the problem.  So I have to sit around and wait for them to decided when they want to show up.  They gave me a time between 10 am and 8 pm.  Yes, 10 hours. 

Forget it.  I'm going back to bed.   

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Recipe question

Today I am continuing my response to the questions I have been asked the past few days.  Do you still have some burning questions for me?  Send them my way!  

Today's question comes from Jewel (most likely not the actual singer) at Sleepless in Wisc and she asks:
HI! I know that part of your world is known for certain cooking methods or regional favorites. What are those favorites? and please share those recipes with all. 

This is a funny question because cooking and I don't have the best relationship.  I fight it all the time.  To me it's a chore that I don't like to do even though it's necessary if I want our family to survive.  I would rather clean the house from top to bottom than cook dinner.  Sad I know.
This is also kind of a tough question because, first off, I live in Ohio and have only been here a short while, so I do not know of many regional favorites.  Although, I hear clambakes are pretty popular.  I am still not sure what a clam bake consists of, but I am guessing clams may be the main ingredient.  (You didn't know I was so smart, did you?)  And I prefer not to eat clams, sorry.  

Ohio is also known for the cookie/candy called a Buckeye.  I made these for Christmas this year and learned the hard way that you should never skimp on calories by using reduced fat peanut butter.  They do not turn out nearly as good.  Always use the regular (fat loaded) creamy peanut butter.  Here is a link to a similar recipe I use.  

I am originally from NW Indiana, but I can't really think of what that region is known for as far as food or cooking styles go. (Sorry Jewel, I'm not doing too well on your question!)  When most people think of Indiana they may think of corn.  And the area I am from is known for popcorn where we even have a festival to celebrate it.  My family loves to make popcorn on the stove and recently I have enjoyed making kettle corn which has a sweet and salty mix to it.     

There you have it.  Buckeyes and popcorn.  Now all you need to add to that mix is a movie and drink.  Enjoy!

Monday, January 19, 2009

A mighty 300

Today's entry marks my 300th post.  


That is a lot in my opinion.  

There is no giveaway or exciting contest, which is nothing new.  

And I hope you're not expecting anything riveting.  That is not my style, which I am sure you know that by now.  I lean on the side of humor and light heartedness.  That is what fits me best.  The true me.

So I have had a few questions start to come in since my original request, which btw, makes me very happy.  If you haven't done so yet, what are you waiting for?  Ask me a question, any question.  What do you want to know about me?  I can't guarantee an exciting response, but I can guarantee an honest one.  

So let's jump right in.  The first question comes from Nicole at Here's the Diehl.  She's got a great blog and 3 cute boys (like me!) so go check her out and let her know you visited.  Every time I say the phrase "here's the deal" I think of her.  It gives the phrase a whole new meaning.  She asked:

1. Assuming you use your kids' real names on the blog: how did you choose their names? I played this game on my blog a while ago and it was fun.

Great question Nicole!  And yes, I use their real names just like you do.

First in line is Taylor Austin.  Is that not a rock star name or what?!  Honestly, I feel bad, but there is no story behind his name.  I have always liked the name Taylor and regardless of if we were having a boy or girl, that was the name we were set on.  And Austin was again, another name that we liked, plus at one time both my parents lived in Austin, Texas.  So there is some meaning behind the name.  One of his nicknames is Taylor-bug 

Next up is Carson Lee.  The name Carson, again, has no particular significance.  It was a name that had a good sound to it.  His middle name, Lee, is my dad's first name, shortened (it's actually Leland).  I think his name sounds like a professional football player.  Bears, Browns, Patriots, or Colts - there may be some potential there.  Some of his nicknames are Cars, which is perfect since that is his favorite movie to watch and he always plays with matchbox cars too.  My dad came up with a cute nickname when Carson was younger which is Carsonova.  This was during his crush-on-girls phase which has since been long gone and I don't see it coming back for quite awhile.  Fine with me!  I can wait for the teen-love stage.  

And last, but certainly not least, is Luke Charles.  I was not sold on the name Luke, which was my husbands' choice.  I wanted to name him Parker, but I let hubby have his way, which I am very happy with now.  I love how it has a biblical tie to it.  And the middle name was a no-brainer.  Both my dad and Jason's dad's middle name is Charles, so of course we had to carry on that tradition.  Some of Luke's nicknames are Lukey, Lukester, and Lukeman.  And it's always fun to say the Star Wars phrase, "Luke, I am your father!"

When you put all the boys first initials together (in the wrong order, but that's okay) you come up with TLC.  I love how that worked out.  Otherwise it would have been TCP. 

Nicole went on to also ask:

2. I hate to work out, and you love it. Can we still be blog friends?

Absolutely!  I will be friends with anyone regardless of their working out habits or lack thereof.  I think it's great if you can find a hobby that you love and are passionate about it and give it your all.  The gym and I are good buddies and we have a healthy relationship - excuse the ridiculous pun (I get that from my dad).  I hope my passion for exercise can rub off on others that are looking to make it a part of their lifestyle.

Stay tuned for more answers to your great questions.  This is really fun!  Thanks so much for playing along.  And keep 'em coming!  

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ask away (please!)

I don't know if anyone has noticed, but I have been posting daily since the beginning of December.  I am not sure what has gotten into me, yet I've been on a roll.  I am also coming up on my 300th post.  
And as all good things come to an end, I am feeling the momentum start to slow.  This is where you all come into play.  I need your help.  

I am asking all my readers to submit a question or two (or more, depending on how nosey you are).  It can be anything ranging from a basic question, such as what's your favorite color? To a more intense question like, how would you solve world peace?  They can be funny or serious questions.  I don't mind either way and I will do my best to answer all of them (except that world peace one, that's a doozy!).  If you've been lurking, here is a great opportunity to make yourself known - aka - come on out of that closet!  Don't be shy! 

So please help a girl out and ask away.  This writers block is making me stumble.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Worth getting up for in the middle of the night.

Oh yes.  These are my downfall at the moment.  I have made 2 batches just this week.  You have to treat yourself once in awhile (or more often as I have demonstrated.)  But I am counter balancing this by putting in extra time at the gym. I have to thank my MIL for the crack cookie recipe.  These were gobbled up over the holiday and it was perfect because I never got around to making my own sugar cookies.

But, these aren't your ordinary sugar cookie.  They are called vanilla wafer sugar cookies.  They are thin and crispy and oh so addicting.  Paired with a glass of milk, you have yourself the perfect midnight snack.  Except I am finding myself not only eating them at midnight, but around the clock.  

You were warned.

Vanilla Wafer Sugar Cookies

1/2 cup butter

1/2 cup shortening

2/3 cup sugar

1/2 tsp salt

2 tsp vanilla

2 eggs

2 cups flour (sifted)

Cream butter, shortening and sugar.

Add salt and vanilla.

Add eggs and beat well.

Stir in sifted flour.

Chill dough for an hour or overnight. 

Drop from spoon a few inches apart on stone. 

Flatten with the bottom of a glass dipped in flour or sugar.

Bake at 375 for 10 minutes or if using a stone (recommended) for 14 min.

Cool before frosting.


powdered sugar

1/4 cup butter 

1/4 - 1/2 cup half and half (or milk or evaporated milk)

dash of salt

1 tsp vanilla

food coloring

Melt butter, add milk then add powdered sugar to desired consistency.  

Add salt and vanilla. 

Use hand mixer until smooth and creamy.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Funnies

I've got some more funnies from my honeys - my three boys that is.  I think this is a good way to wrap up the week.  We're freezing our patooties off and any form of activity, such as laughter, is a great way to stay warm.  You're welcome.  Enjoy.

I took Luke with me to our most recent trip to Dunkin D0nuts.  A nice African American took our order and asked Luke what kind of donut he wanted.  Pointing at the double chocolate donut he replied, "the black one."

The temperature outside has been in the single digits and when we go outside, especially at night we can see our breath.  Luke noticed it and in a very excited voice stated, "Mom - look!  We're making clouds!"

Carson and Luke were getting into it as usual and I looked at Carson and said, "Stop being an instigator."  Luke heard me and replied, "Yeah, stop being a gator."

(I hope my mom (Maga) and dad (Papa) do not read this one!)
I was tucking Carson into bed and we were talking about getting older.  Carson said he was going to live to be 100 years old.  Then he asked if he would still look like he does now.  I told him no, he would not, but in fact he would look older and have wrinkled skin.  Carson replied, "Like Maga and Papa?"

Luke came up to me and said, "Mom, I'm growing up SO big, like a dinosaur."

While we were sitting at the dinner table Luke said, "Mom, I want a baby."  I replied by asking, 
Well, where do we get one?" curious to see what his answer would be.  He replied, "At the baby store, you know where you buy diapers."

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Learning style

Choose one; verbal or visual.  

Which one did you pick?

You may be wondering what I am referring to.  And let me just reassure everyone that this is a G-rated blog, so get your mind out of the gutter.  

If you had to choose your preferred learning method would you choose the verbal learning approach where you prefer to hear or read information and things are explained with words, or would you choose the visual learning approach where you prefer pictures and graphs or charts for visual representations of information. 

Just curious.

I think I am a little of both, but with more of an emphasis on the visual side.  

For example, I am horrible with remembering peoples names when I am first introduced to them.  When they tell me their name I have to repeat it over and over again in my head in order to remember it.  If they continue talking to me, chances are I will have no idea what they are saying because all I am hearing is myself repeat their name in my head.  It's really bad.

But, if they are wearing a name tag, I can continually glance at it during the conversation and retain that knowledge more readily while actually participating in the dialogue.  

This doesn't apply only to memorizing peoples' names but also other areas of my life.  

Another example would be light switches.  In my house there are many light switches.  Some of them control the same light, but are on opposite sides of the room (it's a stupid design if you ask me), where there are others that I have no idea what they turn on and off.  With so many switches I get confused.  

Inside the laundry room are the ones I've been having the most trouble with.  There are three in a row.  One for the outdoor lights on the garage, one for the indoor lights inside the garage, and one for inside the laundry room.  It would seem easy enough to be able to figure out which switch does what, but I am constantly turning the wrong ones on and off.  The neighbors must think I am sending them Morse code signals with all the flashing going on at night.  

I took matters into my own hands (without telling any of my family members) and came up with a solution.  I wanted to be discreet enough but yet still be able to have the visual help and it really is working.  Soon I may be able to pull out my magic eraser and go back to graffiti-less light switches.  

Carson yelled from the laundry room, "Mom, why do the lights spell GO?"  He caught me, but then again not much gets past that boy.  And my husband politely asked me not to write on the house because it looks dumb.  I must agree, but at least we won't have the police show up due to my code signals being sent out.  That's got to be worth the permanent marker writings.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - video edition

My dog Sasha and her food ritual.

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fresh fallen snow.

There is just a little snow here, not much.  We've only had to shovel 5 times in the last 3 days.  Now it feels like winter.  And I am already over it and am ready for spring.  

Do you know how hard it is to find a pair of boys winter boots this time of year?  It's stupid.  Instead the stores have a ton of flip flops and crocs.  That's not going to help much unless you live in Hawaii.  I mean seriously, come on.  

I am a little afraid to take my oldest son to buy a snow sled to replace the one that just broke.  I have a feeling when we get there we may have to improvise and buy a wheelbarrow and convert it into a sled.  

Is it just me or do you feel like the stores jump the gun on bringing out the next season's stuff way too early and do not have enough stock on hand for the current season?  

I'm irritated.

Monday, January 12, 2009

The unexpected

I never thought our house would harbor the sounds of new life.  I never thought I would experience the miracle of life within our family again.  I never anticipated how my motherly instincts would come full circle and bring with the feelings of being a new mom back to the surface. 

All of this is happening - unexpectedly.

Taylor's hamsters had a liter of babies this weekend.  

OMG! Did you think I was pregnant?!?!?  LOL!

I knew when we got the two hamsters (who were practically babies themselves) that it could be possible they were female and male.  They were not old enough (and the staff at the pet store wasn't knowledgeable enough) to determine the appropriate gender at the time.

Well, now we know that Turbo doesn't, in fact, have a huge tumor on his butt - he is a male - a very manly and mature male hamster.  Do they make hamster underwear because he could seriously use some?  

I am a bit shocked that Lil' Sniffer was 1) actually pregnant since we never noticed her showing and 2) delivered babies that made it out alive.  

Just last week I was in the kitchen while Luke was upstairs.  I heard a very loud crash and Luke started crying.  I immediately rushed upstairs to see what damage was done.  He had gotten into Taylor's room and was trying to get into the hamster's cage, but the step stool he was on slipped.  When he started to fall he grabbed the glass cage (aquarium) causing it to fall on him, cracking the glass (luckily not breaking it), and sending the hamsters across the bedroom floor.  I thought for sure one of the hamsters may have gotten squished, but I found them both scurrying around and a bit shaken, but otherwise unharmed as far as I could see.  

We are not sure how many babies we have.  I researched baby hamster care and found that we should leave the cage undisturbed for 10 days.  So depending on the number, I think their appropriate names should be crash, smash, topple and tumble.  And maybe even a Luke Jr. or LJ for short.  

I will keep you updated on their progress.  

(This is not actually them, but these babies are so cute!)