Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A 4 Year Old Perspective on Breakfast

It was breakfast time and I asked the boys what they would like to eat.

Luke responds, "How about those hot dogs."

I was a little perplexed with his response and told him he couldn't have hot dogs for breakfast but to pick some cereal.

He told me he wanted hot dog cereal. Here I sit wondering if someone seriously 'invented' hot dog cereal, which would be nasty and I can't imagine anyone would eat it, but these days anything is possible.

I open the pantry to give him some options (other than hot dog cereal) and start reading them to him.

Chocolate cheerios?


Apple Jacks?


Lucky Charms?


(Yes, we like our cereal loaded with sugar.)

Then I pull out the box of Honey Smacks (puffed wheat cereal). I look at the picture and think to myself, surely he can't mean this?

I show him the box and ask if this is what he wants. He responds, "Yeah, the hot dog cereal!"

I guess from a 4 year olds perspective they do kind of look like mini hot dog buns.