Tuesday, November 17, 2009

From a kid's perspective

It's been awhile since I blogged about the cute and funny things my boys say and do. I love the outlook kids have on life. Some days I wish I could relive and experience that same point of view. But as an adult I can just sit back and cherish these moments and document them to enjoy for years to come.
Six year old Carson is a big football fan, but is still figuring out the different teams. One day the Cincinnati Bengals were playing, but Carson called them the "Dang-gors."
Jason and I were talking about how cold it was outside and he said his toes were cold. Four year old Luke, listening in on our conversation while playing his DS, said in a casual voice, "My nuts are cold."
While putting away dishes, I got a measuring cup stuck in the drawer. Being a conscious mother, I yelled out, "Oh Poop!" Luke was sitting nearby and defensively said, "I didn't poop!"
We were sitting around the dinner table having a conversation and Carson was talking about his day at school. In a sad tone he said, "Mom, I missed you and I almost cried today." Then very matter-of-factly he replied, "But I got over it."
Carson woke up with a stomach ache which turned into vomiting and diarrhea. After his 3rd episode of liquid poop (sorry to be so descriptive) I looked in the toilet and said, "Hey, that looks like a worm." Carson replied in a seriously disgusted voice, "Ewww, gross, I don't eat worms!"
I took Luke out to lunch with me at one of my favorite burger joints, Five Guys. While we were sitting and having our lunch, one of the workers was on his lunch break and was eating his burger and fries. Luke noticed this and in a very concerned manner he said, "Hey, that worker is eating other people's lunches!"


  1. I love your posts like this!

    "nuts are cold" and your kid saying he got over missing you were my favorites. So cute.

  2. NUTS are cold made me double over laughing - hilarious - and still laughing!


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