Saturday, April 08, 2006

Family Update

I decided to take a little break from blogging, but I am back.

Carson update:

We have been struggling with sleep for Carson during the last week - ever since the time change. It all started with him waking up in the middle of the night screaming and running into my room saying that there were mannequins in his bed. Earlier that day we had gone shopping at Kohl's and while I was looking in the shoe department my mom and the boys were in another part of the store when Carson noticed the mannequins. He just stared at them. No fear at the moment, just curiosity. Well, whatever it was about the mannequins, it freaked him out that night and that's when it all began. Every night since then he will not go to bed. He throws a fit, screams and cries. This has also affected his naps. It's the same situation. So I believe nap time is now over for Carson - which I am very sad about. In order to get Carson to bed at night we end up having to sit with him in the recliner until he falls asleep which doesn't take long because he is pretty much exhausted from not having a nap during the day. I hope this doesn't last much longer. I am getting very frustrated! Just the other day during a nap time struggle regarding mannequins in his bed I said, "Carson, get it out of your head." He replied, "No they're not in my head, they're at Kohl's!"

Luke Update

I am happy to report that Luke seems to have conquered being able to sleep through the night. He still occasionally wakes up, but he now is able to put himself back to sleep. I decided to not use the baby monitor at night so I am less likely to hear him if he is up and crying. I am enjoying longer stretches of sleep at night. It's been a long time coming. Also, Luke is now enjoying a broader variety of food. I have been hesitant to give him "solid" food as opposed to jars of baby food due to one episode of minor choking he had a month or two ago. But, I have overcome my fear and Luke is now a happier and fuller boy. He enjoys cheerios, toast, crackers, spaghetti/noodles and more. We are finally getting there. I always feel like I am behind the times, but what am I in a hurry for? Luke is getting closer and closer to walking. He has excellent balance and will stand by himself, but has yet to take steps outside of his playpen. He will walk from one end of his playpen to the other, but outside of that safety zone it's not happening. Soon enough I am sure. He is babbling a lot more too and his favorite words are Bob and Momma. Not sure who Bob is, but I think it's probably just a fun word to say.

Taylor update:

Taylor brought home his report card just the other day and is excelling at 2nd grade. He is such a bright student and we are so proud of him. He received all E's (which stands for Excellent Progress) and one M in handwriting (M stands for Meets requirements). His teacher left him a very nice comment, "Taylor continues to be a very responsible and cooperative student. He is progressing beautifully and is such a pleasure to have in class!" Way to go Taylor-bug! He also entered the schools Discovery Fair and made a project about the metamorphosis of a frog. He really did a good job.

Lynette and Jason Update:

Jason and I just celebrated our 8 year anniversary. We are planning a night out to have dinner and go see a movie, just haven't had the opportunity to do so yet. Jason and I have decided to join a local gym that is right around the corner from our house - quite convenient! The two younger boys really enjoy going and playing with the other kids while I take my classes. So far I think my favorite is the kickboxing. It's a great stress reliever - punching and kicking and sweating your butt off! Since I have started working out again I have this renewed sense of energy and I am not living off or craving as much coffee as I usually do. I am sleeping more sound and just feel healthier. Plus I am eating healthier foods the majority of the time. Last night I just couldn't resist a small bowl of M&M's while we had family movie night! Overall I just feel so much better.

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  1. Lynette, I am SO glad to see you blogging again! I miss you! I LOVE all of your updates except Carson's....naptimes can't be over, they can't be! I can't believe he has such a fear of mannequins. He's so funny, but it makes me sad that your nights are interrupted. And his.

    Yay, Luke! And congrats to Taylor for the great report card!

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! 8 years! WOW! I'm glad you are enjoying the gym! I'm so proud of all of you! :-)


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