Saturday, November 11, 2006

Luke's first haircut

Luke is now 18 months old and I hated to do it, but we finally had him get his first haircut. Goodbye curls in the back! What really brought me to do it was the fact that on more than one occasion people thought he was a girl. Now come on - he is so a boy! I have included some before and after pictures that I know you will enjoy. We went to Locks of Fun here in town. Luke got to sit in a Power Wheels police car and watched Dora the Explorer while the lady cut his hair. He did not seem to mind or wasn't even aware that his hair was being cut. I wasn't too happy with how short they cut his bangs, but that's the great thing about hair - it will grow back. And probably really fast too! They gave us a certificate with an after picture and a lock of his hair (a curl!). So my baby now looks much too old and mature. Did you know he actually has ears! And now the big fat cheeks hang out even more. Love it!

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