Monday, November 13, 2006

Funny Comments

Today we went to Greiger's to have the oil changed in our van. While we were in the waiting room a man walked past us and was wearing a cowboy hat. Carson looked at him and replied quite loudly, "Hey Howdy!"

The other day while we were in the front room a school bus went past the house. I replied, "There goes the middle school bus." Carson then asked, "Is Taylor is middle school?" I replied, "No, he's in elementary school and you, Carson, are in pre-school and Mommy is in no school." Then Carson paused and asked, "Mom, are you in stores?" I had to laugh at that. I guess his concept of when you're finished with school is that you go shopping. Not a bad idea!

I was getting ready to go workout at the gym and Carson comes up to me with my baseball cap and says, "Here Mom, don't forget to wear your helmet!"

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