Monday, June 16, 2008

A busy little bee I am

I think I've come to the conclusion that I like reading blogs more than I like updating my own. (Although I did add a new profile picture, you like?)

Have you noticed that lately? It's been a bit quiet in this corner of the blogosphere.

Summer tends to slow down my computer habits and it finds me outside quite a bit. I can be found lounging at the beach with the boys, lounging in the backyard by the fire pit, lounging in the grass watching the boys ride their bikes. Lounging has been the activity of choice for me, and I must say I am enjoying it thoroughly.

I haven't been that much of a slacker even though it sounds like it. I took my working out habits up a notch. Last week alone I took a total of 14 group exercise classes of which 9 were cardio/high impact aerobics and the other 5 were strength training classes. I decided to take the day off on Sunday. My husband deserved a little of my face time especially it being Father's Day and all. We even managed to have a date night this past week.

See, I have been busy.

And the countdown is on until our moving day. Only 12 days until the moving truck and moving men get here. It's unreal how fast this month is going. I am trying to cram in as many things as I can before we leave the area. Such as the working out, an actual date with my husband having my parents babysit, daily swim lessons for Carson, everyone getting their final haircuts, Taylor having an early b-day/going away sleepover party, girls night outs of which I have 3 more planned, and even a concert in Chicago on Thursday night with a group of good friends. There is so much excitement and activity. It all helps keep my mind occupied so I don't dwell on the fact that I am moving away from everyone and everything I've ever known. Ugh!

I need to go organize something now before my mind shifts moods.


  1. The move is getting so close! Oh my goodness! I love your new pic, so pretty.

  2. I love the photo!
    and you work out so much, I wish I had one ounce of your energy.

    I can't believe you will be leaving that soon.

    That's so sad, I just met you...

  3. I just made a move with my family. I was so nervous about it -- about leaving my friends and our routine. A week into living in my new house, I'm realizing that I'm adjusting much, much quicker than I expected! Good luck!


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