Wednesday, June 04, 2008

A rude wake-up call

Today is the first day of summer for us. School officially ended yesterday for my oldest, therefore we begin summer break. Taylor spent the night at a friends house and Jason is out of town so it was just the two younger boys and I.

My two early risers were not in the house and I was pumped to be able to sleep in with no distractions. Little did I know how wrong that thinking was.

First off, little Luke wakes up crying at 5 AM and is soaked with pee. I rinse him off and have him hop into bed with me hoping and praying he will be able to fall back asleep. Not of course without his "bunny" milk, which is what he has every morning when he gets up, except that this was 2 hours before he should be up. Either way, he didn't care and wasn't going to settle until his bunny milk was served.

Just to clarify "bunny" milk is chocolate milk made with Nesquik, you know the cute bunny that's pictured on the container. It's a term that began with Carson and has stuck.

So we all settle back into bed and begin to drift back to sleep. It's wonderful. Until I hear the sound of a chain saw - at 6:45 AM! Who the heck cuts down a flippin' tree that early in the morning? Seriously! I turn up the fan to try and drown out the noise, but it's pointless, the sawing continues and then is replaced by the sound of chopping and sawing. If I didn't know better you would think Noah was out there building his ark. And this neighborhood I live in doesn't have full mature trees, so I wonder what was being cut and chopped, firewood perhaps? But couldn't that wait until most normal people are awake for the day, say 9 AM? I would have even settled for 8 AM.

So in between the sounds of construction my mind seems to drift off yet my body still feels awake. It's a very strange in between place to be where your dreams seem very real. I was dreaming about being chased by a deranged Gothic pierced and tattooed person with a chain saw. It was so pleasant.

And during that sleeping but not really sleeping phase I somehow knew the phone was going to ring. Sure enough, a minute or so later my phone rings and I am completely awake.

Completely irritated and completely awake. Is it nap time yet?


  1. Aw, hope tonight is more restful for ya!

  2. Aww. Well we've got two full weeks left before my team is sprung. I wonder if I'll EVER get to sleep in either...maybe when they're all teens.

  3. That sleeping/not sleeping phase is a place I find myself all to often! Hope you get to sleep in soon.


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