Monday, November 05, 2007

Dead and Dry - Don't You Just Love Fall!

The change of the season is upon us. That means pulling out the extra blanket for the bed, cranking on the furnace, and bringing out the flannel pj's at night. I do love the chill that's in the air. It feels refreshing. BUT,

The big issue I have is that every year when we get our first frost and up until the spring returns, I have such dry skin. My hair seems like it has an electric current running through it and my nails are brittle (which isn't anything new, but it is magnified when it's cold outside). The worst part is my chronic dry lips. It is very irritating and I feel as if I have tried all the different chap sticks and lip ointments that are on the market from exfoliators to lip oils. They are a temporary fix as in 15 minutes tops where I then must reapply it for further relief. So I have looked into home remedies and there are some scary ones out there. For instance (and I kid you not) one person submitted the remedy of using your index finger, wiping it on the outside of your nose and using those natural oils on your lips. I am sorry, but that is just sick! No thanks.

If any of you have any suggestions I would love to hear them as long as they don't involve using my other body productions. I know I also need to drink a lot more water than I currently do, and I am sure that consistently taking a multi-vitamin couldn't hurt either. One home remedy that I just started using yesterday is hydrocortisone 1% ointment covered with Aquaphor ointment. That really does soften my lips and last a bit longer. I recalled my son's doctor prescribing this for his diaper rash. So from butts to lips I am going to give it a try.

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  1. These are my recommendations: for your lips try Neutrogena Lip Nutrition, for your hands try Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream and then for your body after a shower or bath before bed, towel off any dripping water and rub baby oil gel over your arms and legs. Wear light cotton to bed (which you will want to wash in the morning). I don't do this every night just once in awhile to really moisturize skin.


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