Friday, November 02, 2007

I really am a winner!

Well, how about that. I actually am a winner. Last night, the gym I work out at hosted a Halloween Party. I wasn't really sure what I was going to dress up as. I headed out to a party store to see if there were any good costumes on clearance and had no luck. But as I headed down an aisle getting ready to leave the store a hat stood out to me. It was a golf themed hat which got me thinking I could be a golf course. I bought a plastic tablecloth that resembled the greens and fashioned a dress out of it with the help of some packaging tape.

I never thought I would ever make a dress out of plastic. When I was younger I used to make clothes out of paper. Why I never ended up in the fashion industry will always be a mystery to me.

But, back to the costume. I thought it would be clever to have the front of the costume be the "front 9" where I taped flags numbered 1 through 9 and then I labeled the back of the costume the "back 9" and taped flags numbered 10 - 18. My hat had flag 19 on it and I made earrings with golf tees hanging from them along with a plastic golf ball necklace. And to finish off the costume I carried around a putting golf club.

The funny thing about it all is that people thought I really was a golf fan, but in all honesty this past summer was the very first time I have ever tried my hand at 9 holes of golf. I did like it and wasn't too bad at it.

The time came at the end of the night to choose a winner for best costume and guess who won? Yep, it was me! I couldn't believe it! And I was very pleased with my prize. It was a Starbucks gift basket. Rock on mama! I also was adorned with a badge that said winner. That makes me feel so special. It really was a good night after all.


  1. That's AWESOME! So creative- and your dress is so cute! Impressed!


  2. Well, aren't you miss creative? Very good indeed and you can't beat Starbucks gifts either!

  3. Well, look at you! So very clever! Congratulations!

    Will you come clean my closet now? Great. thanks, bye.

  4. VERY CLEVER! Congrats. I may have to steal that idea someday!


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