Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Milestone of a Day

Today my 4 year old hit a milestone.

He lost his first tooth.

I really didn't even see it coming. His bottom teeth have always been a little crooked. But the last few days I noticed one was slightly more crooked than the the other. Carson pointed out to me just 2 days ago that his tooth was loose and here we are today with it out.

Jason had just gotten home from being out of town for a few days and Carson showed him his loose tooth. Well, daddy gets a paper towel out to see "how loose it really is" and a few seconds later out comes the tooth much to my and Carson's surprise.

And Carson's reaction was priceless. He pretty much freaked out, not that it hurt, but because he didn't expect it. His response through all the tears was, "I want it back in!"

Oh the drama!

Looks like the tooth fairy will be making a visit to our house tonight.

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