Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A product of boredom

During writing time in his 4th grade class Taylor finished early and was bored so he spent his time on this:

27 Reasons Why I Like Toast!

1) It tastes good.
2) It's good for you.
3) It's not bad for you.
4) You can put jelly on it.
5) You can put peanut butter on it.
6) You can break it without getting in trouble.
7) You can bend it.
8) You can throw it.
9) You can eat it.
10) You can run over it.
11) You can cut it.
12) You can spray water on it.
13) You can step on it.
14) You can run it over.
15) You can run on it.
16) You can hit it.
17) You can eat it.
18) You can party with it.
19) You can push it down a slide.
20) You can throw it down the stairs.
21) You can throw it in water.
22) You can color on it.
23) You can hide it.
24) You can put it on TV.
25) You can play catch with it.
26) You can sing with it.
27) You can vacuum it.

He is quite the creative guy.

Who knew toast could be so much fun?


  1. That is too funny!
    My son would say many of those same things about his sisters!

  2. I've never considered singing with my toast, but I just may try it next time I have it. (which would be in about 2 hours.)


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