Friday, February 01, 2008

A visit to the dentist

Yesterday I took the two younger boys to a new pediatric dentist. Luke had never been to the dentist before and I wasn't sure how he'd react being that he's only 2 years old.

Now Carson has been to a different dentist three times in the past year and a half and not once has he gotten his teeth cleaned. His anxiety level is so intense that he just freaks out. The farthest the hygienist got was counting his teeth and even that was forced. So my expectations for this visit were not very high.

When we got in the door they called Carson back and he seemed fine. I sat in the waiting room with Luke and could hear some commotion. A few minutes later out comes Carson and he throws himself on the waiting room couch and starts bawling. I look at the hygienist and shrug my shoulders and explained that this is nothing new.

So she asked Luke if he was ready and he responded with a very excited, "Yes!" I asked if Carson and I could watch while Luke takes his turn. We follow them back. Luke was the perfect patient. Even the dentist was impressed. It just goes to show how each child's personality is so very different.

After Luke's pleasant dental experience, Carson decided he was going to be brave and take his turn. He was still apprehensive, but they were able to do what they needed to do. All the while Carson had his eyes closed.

He finally made it over the hurdle at 5 years old. But, now we have to go back in 2 weeks for an x-ray and a more thorough look at one of his molars.

I am hopeful that it will go smooth, and if not, break out the laughing gas and give me some while you're at it.

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