Thursday, February 14, 2008

Up for a little horseback ride?

Do you like horse back riding? Need to get rid of those saddle bags?

Well, giddy up cowboys and cowgirls cause there's a new revolution going on in the exercise world.

It's called the Rock-n-Go Exerciser. And, no, I'm not making this stuff up.

This product simulates riding a horse without ever making a trip to the stables. One of the descriptions I read is that it gives you gentle back and forth saddle movements.

Okay then. I wonder if this is a G rated piece of equipment. By the looks of this girl, I question that. She may be having a little bit too much fun.

Now this horsey isn't for everyone. It only has a weight capacity of 280 lbs. But, maybe they'll come out with the Clydesdale version for those who are pushing the limit.

So grab your spurs and get riding.



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