Sunday, March 02, 2008

My brain is out to lunch

And I hope it decides to come back soon.

I have been so scatter-brained and distracted this week. I can't seem to focus on what I am doing, hence my brain is out to lunch. It's like my mind is constantly thinking, but not about what I am doing at the moment. I have had such a heavy heart for my friend Beth and I know that is the reason why.

And I have caught myself doing ridiculous things. Such as last night I made spaghetti for dinner. I sit down to eat and shake Parmesan cheese on my corn when I meant to put it on my spaghetti. And then I was making a dessert and I was looking for the package of mix to add to the bowl and I couldn't find it. Well, guess what. I had already poured it in the bowl about 2 minutes ago. It's just stupid dumb stuff really. But it's very irritating because I'll catch myself after I've done it. Ugh.

Or I will walk into a room and have no clue why I walked in that particular room or what I was going to do. Another example (and yes I have many as you can tell) is that I keep calling my kids the wrong names. That is not unusual at all since I seem to do it all the time. But the funny thing is that I am not catching myself doing it. I will be talking to Taylor and I'll use the name Carson and Taylor will look at me and ask if I meant him and I will say yes of course but he'll say I said Carson's name and then I get all confused and can't believe I didn't catch it. (Did you get all that 'cause I seem to be rambling?) I find it humorous when I start to catch myself saying the wrong name and then correct it midway through. I should just change my boys names to Carluke, Cartaylor, and Lucarson or Taycarson. That's what they're used to anyway.

I hope my brain decides to come back to earth soon otherwise I may have to go join it. I could use a vacation.


  1. A vacation would be so great.

    I have been feeling the same way of I am losing my marbles (remember my mac and cheese incident last week). I know it is just because I am completely busy and stressed,etc. but that doesn't make it any less frustrating!
    Hange in there girl!

  2. i've been the same way.
    We'll find our brains soon, in May...

    Hang in there girly!

  3. Oh gosh, I feel ya! I was talking to my brother recently about the presidential campaign and I kept saying "pregnancy" instead of "president", and I didn't even catch myself! I had to be corrected, and I had no idea what happened! Oh goodness, hopefully spring will grow a new brain.

  4. Hmmm. Shows you where I am too, the cheese on the corn sounded quite good!

  5. My favorite is when I forget what I was saying, while I was saying it, does that happen to you to? Or am I tototototally crazy!?


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