Sunday, March 30, 2008

Update on lost Dee and some randomness


I got a phone call today from the indoor water park we stayed at on Monday night. This call finally came after I left 4 phone messages to the housekeeping department and I emailed the lost and found department. I had given up hope, but low and behold after we came home from church this morning there was the message. I put it on speaker phone so Carson could hear. The message went something like this, "Hi. This is Rebecca from 'indoor water park' and I wanted to let you know we found your Winnie the Pooh stuffed animal. Give me a call back and we can make arrangements to return it to you. Have a blessed day."

The smile and sheer happiness on Carson's face was priceless! I have not seen such genuine joy on that boys' face. It was precious.

I called the water park back and spoke to Rebecca. She said we could either come pick it up in person (uh, no) or they can ship it to us via UPS (uh, yeah.) I had to give my credit card number in order for them to charge me for the shipping, but at this point I don't care. Dee is coming home!

Now some randomness from a five year old.

Me: Why don't dogs talk?
Carson: Because they don't have enough teeth.

Me: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Carson: A football player, a baseball player, a basketball player, I just want to do every sport.

Me: Why do we take naps?
Carson: To make yourselves comfortable.

Me: Do you ever want to see the movie Star Wars?
Carson: Is is going to be loud?
Me: Yes.
Carson: Then I don't want to see it. I want to rent it.

Me: Who played in the Superbowl?
Carson: The Patriots and the Big Giants.

Me: What movie would you like to watch tonight?
Carson: Ohio Season.
Me: What's that movie about?
Carson: The one with all the animals in it.
Me: Oh, you mean Open Season.

My dad and I were talking and he said something about Amsterdam. Carson speaks up and says, "Mom, Papa just said the "D" word."

We were outside playing basketball and Carson wanted to know what team he could be. I suggested either the Chicago Bulls or the Indiana Pacers. He also wanted Luke to be on a team so I suggested the L.A. Lakers. Carson announces to Luke that he is on the Indiana Pacers team and Luke is on the Indiana Lake team.


  1. I'm glad that Dee is on his way home!

  2. Yea! Dee is coming home. That was so very nice of them to do.


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