Sunday, March 23, 2008

A Spring Break getaway

Because I can't imagine what is more fun than being pasty white in the middle of winter and wearing a bathing suit in public. Yuck! I have been bathing suit shopping for the past week and still haven't found one that covers all my imperfections, then I realized I should be shopping for a wet suit - perfect! But in all seriousness, shopping for bathing suits has got to be one of my most unfavorite things to do. I'd rather go to the dentist. I bought 3 of them, but am not really happy with any. I will have to settle though.

So, nonetheless we are heading to an indoor water park early tomorrow for our spring break getaway and will be gone for a few days. I am not even a big fan of water, but the boys love it. The sacrifices us mom's make!

I hope y'all miss me!


  1. Blogmate Lynette,
    I'm lucky found your blog,realy interesting post,I'm always looking for American families blogs, just to get another view of point, to discover their culture and their life,and what are they doing in life of ordinary, as you put in your blog's title.
    I'm already bookmarked your blog.

  2. Um, did I meet the right lady? Because the woman I met had a FANTASTIC body, with no visible imperfections... so I think you need a new mirror! Have fun, and rock the new swimsuit with confidence, you are beautiful!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Lynette! You asked how I like living in Cleveland and I have so much to say, I'm going to post it on my blog (and blogger won't let me reply to your original comment via email. Darn)

    I'll let you know when I've posted my thoughts. Meanwhile, have a fabulous vacation!

  4. I linked to your blog in my post today.


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