Monday, March 27, 2006

Coffee trouble

We took our entire family of 5 out on Sunday to do a little shopping. On our way home we stopped at the Starbucks in town and I got a grande caramel latte and Jason got a grande house blend black coffee. I was driving the van and Jason was sitting in the back seat with Carson to help keep him occupied. It was past nap time and Carson did not want to sit still and behave himself. He kept wanting to grab Jason's coffee to have a drink which obviously was irritating Jason. So my husband goes to take a sip of his very hot and completely full cup of coffee and gets a drip on his hand. He goes to lick it up and at the same time Carson kicks his foot and knocks the very hot and completely full cup of coffee out of Jason's hand, into his lap in which the lid pops off and spills all over Jason's lap. He stood the rest of the ride home with a look of anger and pain in his face. I was afraid he got burned from the spill. Taylor plugged his ears and said, "If you need to cuss go ahead I have my ears plugged." We got home and Carson immediately went to bed for a nap and Jason went to clean up and survey the damage from the spill. I went out to the van to soak up the remainder of the coffee from the seat cushion, but I think Jason's lap took the brunt of it. Jason ended up being okay besides being very upset at Carson. He had a talk with him about the situation and Carson felt remorseful and told his Daddy he was sorry.

Today Carson was telling my mom what happened yesterday. She asked if daddy was okay or if he had to go to the hospital. Carson replied, "he went to the hospital and had to get new legs."

On another note, today we had new carpet installed in our front room and it looks so awesome! While it was being installed Carson was next door at my parents house. When he came home he saw the carpet and says, "Wow, we got new carpet." He ran around in the room and started rolling around on it. I was going to try and add pictures, but so far it's not letting me. I'll try again later. Wednesday we are having the back room carpeted. Yeah!

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  1. This entry made my stomach hurt. I can just sense the stress from your writing. poor Jason. :-( Makes me sad.

    I can't wait to see the carpet!!


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