Friday, March 17, 2006

More Carson comments

I get such a kick out of Carson's comments at times. He can really crack me up. Today we were playing in the back room and had Carson's scooter out. I was being goofy and acting like I was sitting on it to ride it. Carson stopped me and said, "No Mom. When you grow up like a big boy, then you can play with it." He assumed the role of a parent and was talking to me like I was his child. Too funny!

Later that afternoon we had to leave to pick up our van that had some brake work done. When we walked in the door I looked over to the couch and saw our dog, Sasha, laying there looking at me with an extremely guilty face. I replied, "Shame on you Sasha - get off the couch! Bad dog!" Carson walked inside the house and asked what Sasha did so I told him that she was on the couch. He then asked in a concerned voice, "Is there poop on the couch now?" I sure hope not!

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