Saturday, March 25, 2006

Today's observations

Taylor and I were playing a card game of war, but we made it into our own version called physic war. One of us would first lay down our card and say a word then the other person would lay down their card and say the first word that came to mind. There were some that made sense and others that I have no clue where they came from. Taylor made me laugh on one in particular. I laid down my card and said Pina thinking Colada would be the next word to come out. But Taylor's reply was "butter". He thought I said "peanut". I like the word Pina Butter better!

On a different note, today Carson was coloring using Crayola's new Color Wonder markers at the coffee table. Luke was in his baby walker watching and wanting to grab the markers which made Carson mad. These markers are such a great invention because they only work on color wonder paper, nothing else, so there is no mess. Well, apparently there was a non-color wonder marker in with the others that I was not aware of. Guess how I found out? I went over to get Luke out of the way so Carson would stop getting mad and saw a big yellow marker streak from Luke's hairline down his forehead ending above his eye. Carson colored Luke's head!!!! I can't leave him alone for a second! Luckily the marker wasn't black and I was able to wipe it off Luke's head. Ugh!

We went out to dinner tonight at Strongbow's and after dinner we all had dessert. Carson got a scoop of chocolate ice cream. As he took a bite his response was, "this is delicious!" Guess he really enjoyed it. He told me he needed to go potty so we headed to the bathroom. As we entered the stall Carson noticed the seat to the toilet - it was black. His reply was, "I've never seen a black potty before - Wow!" It really impressed him. What a nut!

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