Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Today is the big day that the kids have been waiting for. My boys are going to be a gauze-ghoul with flashing red eyes, Darth Vader, and a monkey. Last night I went to a Halloween themed Mommy's group party. The original costume I was going to wear did not make it to my house. I had ordered it from Ebay and the person contacted me saying the package got returned to them completely mangled as if it had gotten caught in a conveyor belt. (What are the chances?) And of course I didn't request insurance, but they are still going to refund my money. That was nice of them, but I was stuck at the last minute without a costume. I did manage to come up with a really goofy idea that was better than nothing. Can you guess what I am? (excuse the picture quality, not sure what happened.)

I am a devil, but with one horn a.k.a. One Horny Devil. Notice the handcuffs too? Yes, it is somewhat lame, but I was trying to be creative on very short notice and utilize things I had in my home, so give me a break! I may still be able to use my original idea tomorrow at another costume party. I am going to see if any local costume shops have it on clearance. I'll keep you posted. Before I left the house, Carson looked at me and said, "Mom, you have some black eyes! And why are you wearing my Darth Vader cape?" Hey, I was desperate people and I loaded on the eye-make up which was kind of fun.

Beth over at I Should Be Folding Laundry posted about a freaky, but true story and that got me thinking about a picture that I cannot explain. We had a house warming party last October and I took a picture of Cory and my brother Jay. Then looking at the picture, there is a large circle looking image on Cory's sweater. I showed them the picture and they seem to think it's an orb. It didn't show up in any other pictures I took that night. What could it be? We may never know.

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!


  1. I see those orbs from time to time in our photos, too... and Beth's story was just too scary!

    I was just at Target and they have some good costumes at 30% off!


  2. Clearly a ufo of some kind, probably in Roswell by now.


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