Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Blog awards, cleaning, and aliens.

Imagine my surprise when I found out I received my first ever blogger award. I was very excited and felt quite honored indeed. Thank you very much to Say Anything who bestowed me with this award. You made my day!

Today I spent a few hours at Beth's house helping deep clean her house that they are getting ready to put on the market. There's a real hot picture of me holding a sponge while cleaning her shower. That crazy girl is very photo-happy! She even photographed a Ken doll taking a bath. But I must admit, I was given the best reward for the work I performed which is red wine and dark chocolate. She knows how to treat me right!

When I got home the boys were happy to see me. Carson was making mess after mess as usual and I was irritated and complained out loud how I was tired of cleaning up after him. I believe I said, "Why do you create more work for me?" And his response was, "Well, if you work harder, you might get money." I tell him that no one is going to pay me to work at my own house. But he suggests, "What about Dad?" I don't know dad, what do you think?

For the past 6 months or more Carson has been going through this alien phase where he is consumed to the point of paranoia with aliens, more specifically green ones. It all began this summer when he went to vacation bible school and the theme was space. They had robots, astronauts, and aliens. It has left a huge imprint in his brain and still to this day he will not sleep in his own bed. He is afraid that the aliens will come and get him. Last night for instance, he was convinced that the aliens were going to come in his room and steal his brain. I seriously don't know where he is getting this stuff! Today while in the car all he talked about was aliens. I said that E.T. is a nice, friendly alien. Well, just the mention of E.T. created a multitude of questions about the movie which he has seen a handful of times. Some questions were legitimate, but others were just ridiculous and I had to be creative in my responses. "Why is he brown, why did they put him in a bag, why did smoke come out of the bag, why does he walk funny, why are his legs short, if I had short legs would I walk funny, what if I had no legs............and on and on it went.

I'm tired - till next time..............................

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