Monday, January 07, 2008

Life just got a little bit easier

I feel like I am on the same wavelength as Crooked Eyebrow today. Reading her earlier post today about a certain product redesign, I felt compelled to share this new packaging that I feel has made my life a little happier and easier.

I go to pull out my scissors to open a package of Oreo cookies and see a stop sign on each end of the package. I was a bit taken back at that and wondered if this was Oreo's new way to help people think twice about over indulging. But then I notice a new pull tab on the top of the package and couldn't believe it. So of course I had to take a picture. You see small things like this impress me.

Now I must go pour me a tall glass of milk.


  1. I love oreos.
    love them and I totally agree with new keep fresh packaging. Who knew packaging could make us so happy?

  2. You all are the worst with your yummy treat temptations!!


  3. I totally agree great new packaging. I tested it out myself on my new package of oatmeal chocolate chip Chips Ahoy today. Yummy and so ever fresh!

  4. The new packaging is, I think, their new way of encouraging us to eat the entire box in one sitting. Or maybe two. They made it way too easy to pull up the top and grab "just one more"! (I usually put the cookies in a big Tupperware that is really hard to open. Then I need to ask my husband for assistance. This is true!)

    Anyway, I liked your post and your blog. I found you through Ms. Crooked Eyebrow. Take care, Katie


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