Thursday, January 03, 2008

Misunderstanding at the bowling alley

Last night our neighborhood had their winter block party at our local bowling alley. I was slightly hesitant to go since it was just going to be me and my 3 boys. But I figured what the heck I would attempt it. The boys absolutely love playing bowling on our Wii and this would be a fun opportunity for the younger two to experience it first hand. It even happened to be glow bowl night where they turn the lights off and use black lighting and flashing lights down the alley. It was really cool!

The bowling went really well. In fact my youngest was leading the entire time and got a strike and a spare on his first two frames. Not bad for pushing the ball down the alley and not reaching over 3 mph.

I had to continue to explain to Carson where he was to throw the ball from. A few times his ball landed in the gutter of the lane that was next to us. And one time he crossed the line and completely wiped out on his butt. It was hilarious, but not to him. He said the lanes were like an ice skating rink. But he did like wearing the bowling shoes and asked if he could take them home with him. I asked what he liked about them so much and he responded that they were dirty and he could play outside in the dirt with them. Interesting response.

Taylor was off with his friends, eating pizza, playing arcade games and blasting loud hip hop music. You know, typical pre-teen stuff.

And my bowling skills were very sad to say the least. Well, that is until the last 2 frames. I think my score up to that point was 85 or something pathetic. Then I roll a strike on the 9th and another strike on the 10th in which I get another turn and rolled yet another strike. That was 3 in a row and I received my first turkey ever!

After we bowled we ate some pizza. Carson wanted lemonade which actually turned out to be Mountain Dew, as if that child needed any more sugar. I didn't find this out until he finished his 2nd cup. I was wondering why the lemonade looked so yellow and why Carson said it was the best lemonade he had ever drank in his life. I should have known better.

One of the neighbors came up to me as we were eating and began talking. The music at this point had reached an all time high level. After 6 o'clock they must decide to crank it up. So I was having a hard time hearing this woman speak although we were both somewhat yelling. I swear she said to me, "So, you have a boy family, huh?" And I responded, "Yeah, I am pretty much out numbered, although our dog is a female, but she was fixed so I am not sure if that really counts." And she gives me a strange look and goes on to say, "So you guys practice a lot?" And I look at her in somewhat disbelief, one, not only do I not really know her very well, but two, what kind of person asks if you "practice" a lot? I didn't know how to respond so I just nodded and smiled. Her husband was even standing right next to hear listening (if that was possible) to this odd conversation.

As they walk away, I am going over the conversation in my head. She couldn't have really just asked me what she just asked me, could she have? Well, I come to figure out she did not ask if we have a boy family. Instead she asked"So, you have a bowling family, huh?" Big, big difference! That made so much more sense, and now she must think I am the biggest freak for answering the way I did. I was so embarrassed and I didn't have the guts to go back up to her and explain myself. I just left it how it was.

I am sure when I see them out around the neighborhood we will laugh and joke about it, but for now I am hiding out.

I guess next time I ask for blogging motivation I should be more specific.


  1. Sure the dog counts if she (it) know how to bowl.

    Funny post...

    I'm visiting the blogs of people that posted on my sight and inviting them to sign up for a give-away I am having. No gimicks - just fun. It's my way of celebrating one year of blogging.

  2. Too funny! Be careful what you wish for indeed.


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