Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Today marks my baby's 4th birthday.  


Pretty sweet date to be born on, wouldn't you say?  Yes, it was sort of planned.  I was past my due date and the doctor wanted to induce me on the 3rd.  I was totally not going for that date (5-3-05)  If any of you are familiar with a certain bank by that name you'd understand.  Especially the fact that I worked at that said bank for 6 years.  I didn't need my son to carry on the mark of my previous employers name.  So I decided on the 5th.  How can you forget that day?  Plus it's Cinco de Mayo - Luke's going to totally thank me when he gets older.  Par-tay!

L - loving and laid back 

U - unique and understanding

K - kindhearted and keen

E -  entertaining and enjoyable

My dear little baby boy Luke.  You are 4 years old today, yet you act so much more mature.  You are years ahead of others your age in regards to your agility and fearless attitude.  But then again, you sort of have to be like that in order to keep up with your two older brothers.  

I love that you are your own person.  You have such a wonderful blend of rough and tumble mixed with compassion and cuddles.  You are so smart and catch on to things very quickly.  You have this amazing ability to to prove your mom and dad wrong with the things you're capable of doing on your own.  

I enjoy seeing your independence grow each day, but still love the baby side of you when you crawl onto my lap and snuggle into my chest.  

You give us so much love and joy my Luke-man.  Enjoy this adventure into the next year of your life my son.  

Happy 4th Birthday Luke!


  1. He's so cute (and such a great name, too! ;) )

    I didn't know you worked for 5/3 Bank...my brother did, too.

  2. Awww, I'm crying, Lynette! What an awesome message to your son on his special day. He is too adorable for words!

    Enjoy the birthday celebration.

  3. Awww..My youngest turns 4 next month! Again, eerily similar!

  4. 05-05-05 is a great birthday. He will always find a party to go to. The youngest will always be the baby to a mom, don't you think? I am in denial that mine is 8 yrs.old. He is super cute.


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