Saturday, May 02, 2009

I'm a Finalist!

I entered a contest called "Mom's Tweet the Darndest Things" where I submitted short excerpts from things the boys have said in the past that are just too funny.  Well out of the hundreds of entries, one of mine made the top ten!  This is so exciting! 

Now is the time to vote at and choose this one:  At grocery store with 3 year old son when we passed a guy with a patch over his eye. Son replied, "Mom I just saw a pirate.”

This was from when Taylor was around 3 years old.  My mom took him to Wal-Mart and they passed a guy in the aisle who had a patch over his eye.  Taylor had a look of shock on his face and said to Maga, "I just saw a pirate!"  

Voting is open now and closes at 5pm on Saturday, May 9th with the winner announced the next day on Mother's Day.  How appropriate!  

So go on over and vote and leave me a comment letting me know you voted!  And please spread the word.  Thanks so much!


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