Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Insult or compliment?

I went to one of those wholesale clubs today to do some grocery shopping.  I don't mind going during the afternoon for a few reasons.  

First and foremost, I only have to bring one child with me since the other two are in school or for at least 2 more weeks this will be the case.  After that it looks like I'll be doing my shopping at midnight when they're all asleep. Have you ever tried shopping with 3 overly excited boys?

Enough said.  

Another reason I enjoy the afternoon shopping is that there are not too many people out and about which makes it easier to navigate the store especially with a child in tow.  This leaves more room for said child to practice his sprints down the aisles and his swinging from the racks and shelves.  Plus there is less of a crowd to witness my screams and threats attempts at discipline. 

And finally, I love the afternoon shopping time because of all the great free samples down every other aisle.  Heck, my child and I can get a free lunch out of it if I plan it right.  And today's trip was no different.  We sampled some dried cranberries at one station and the next station had these pancakes from an aerosol spray can - creepy and totally lazy concept if you ask me and they didn't even taste very good.  

Then we came to the instant breakfast lady who was handing out some really tasty chocolate milk, which I guess is supposed to be a meal replacement.  Luke and I both really liked it and started to walk off to continue our shopping and free lunch parade.  Well this lady must work off commission because she continued to talk to me and walk towards us rattling off her sales pitch.  Except when she got done telling me about how people use this as a diet supplement to help lose weight.  She paused, reflected for a moment, and then after giving me a full body scan, she completely reversed her sales pitch and was trying to sell me on the idea that I could use it as a weight gain product and benefit from the extra calories.  

What the?  Did I just get insulted or complimented?  Strange way to sell a product.  


  1. I have a neighbor that goes to stores like that strictly for the samples. She gets a cart and fills it with things while she and her kids partake of the samples. When they have had their fill, they leave the cart and the store without buying a thing. This was related to me by her son...I'm sure she would be mortified if she knew! :)

  2. I ALWAYS have to go shopping with 3 overly excited boys, ages 5, 4 and 18 months and it is NO FUN! UGH!

  3. new diva's comment - hilarious!

    i definitely think it was a compliment - look at you in that picture! but, it was weird - i'll give you that.

    i so enjoy shopping with only one or even two boys in tow.

  4. I would take it as a compliment but an extremely weird sales pitch and it would have made me a bit uncomfortable.
    I just take my two year old daughter shopping with me. She loves to sing! The other day I was looking for something in the store and said I just can't find it. She replies in her best singing voice...I just can't find it!!! As loud as can be mind you.

  5. Uh, total compliment! You look fabulous. I know you work for it, too. But in all honesty, I'd see a woman looking you in the store, and immediately think "so NOT fair!", or "I wish I looked that good". So there. :)

    What is it about Sam's Club (or Costco, BJ's...where ever you go) that revs up the boys? I take both of mine with me, and each time I walk out thinking "never again!". (only to go back a month later)

    You look great. Only a compliment.

  6. That was a compliment. I guess she was covering all bases with you. Once my husband made 2 of our bickering 3 boys hold hands with each other in Target after they would not behave. The threat of that again has worked.


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