Thursday, July 24, 2008

Birthday blues

To celebrate Taylor’s birthday I had planned on taking the boys out for breakfast at I.H.O.P. then we were going to meet up with some friends at a ‘sprayground’ and after that we were going to see a movie. Instead, what did I do all day? I cleaned up puke, wiped butts, and disinfected the heck out of my house. Sounds like fun, huh?

Carson woke up with a tummy ache and it turned into a full day of morning vomiting which then turned into a full afternoon of violent-force diarrhea. Sorry for the descriptiveness. I am almost out of disinfectant wipes, so hopefully bodily fluids will remain self contained to the appropriate locations – i.e. directly in the toilet!

I felt so sorry for the little guy. He’s normally so full of energy and orneriness, but all he’s done (besides puke and crap) is lie around, sleep and drink water and Gatorade. He really didn’t have a fever, so I don’t know what type of bug he had. I think it may be food poisoning, but it’s hard to tell. The rest of us are okay so far.

The day before, I took the kids out to eat at Baker’s Square for lunch. For dessert, Carson had a piece of pumpkin pie. That may have been the culprit, so I called the restaurant to see if anyone else had called in, but they had no reports. My other guess is that he caught something from the new gym I joined this past week. Kids spread germs so easily, you just never know.

Needless to say, I’ve got some making up to do. This weekend we are going back home to visit and have a family birthday party for Taylor at my mom and dad’s house. I am so excited to go back; I just wish it was for a longer period of time. I think Carson is feeling the “honeymoon” of the new house fading. During his sickness he said he wanted to go back to our house. I told him we were in our house and he said, “No – the one without the stairs.” He wanted the comfort of our old house and that just broke my heart.

I hope the days ahead are sick-free days for Carson and that no one else catches this stomach bug. We’ll try not to bring it back home with us either.


  1. aw, poor guy.
    I hope he is feeling better today and that you have a safe trip "home".

  2. aw, i hope he's feeling better today.


  3. So sorry!!!
    I hope that you didn't take the 'wanting the old house' too hard.
    I remember all about that. It sucks!!!!
    It will go away!!!!

  4. Wow. I hope he's feeling better. We just went through this with youngest daughter. It seems to be going around up here, and lasts four days....

    I gotta go check where you moved to, maybe you're in my 'hood.


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