Monday, July 28, 2008

It's always something

When we first moved to Ohio I told the kids to be careful especially on the stairs and outside on the play set because if they got hurt I didn't know where the hospital was. Then Taylor pointed out the fact that the gym I went to was attached to the hospital.

That was a "duh" moment.

Lucky for me we have yet to have an emergency (except the Luke-episode from the other week) that warranted us having to take a trip to the ER. That is up until today.

Taylor's friend Jacob came back to Ohio to stay with us for the week. The boys went outside to ride scooters and check out the neighborhood and the adjoining neighborhood that has a golf course and pool. Today is garbage day and the boys came upon the truck. Instead of patiently waiting for it or going around it on the sidewalk, they thought they would pass it between the curb and the truck.

First off - not smart. Instead of letting his friend go first they passed at the same time, next to each other. Secondly, what happened to the manners and common sense I taught my son? This caused Jacob to hit his ankle on the side of Taylor's new electric scooter we got him for his birthday. Jacob was on the Razor scooter closest to the curb, so when he hit the other scooter he flipped off and hit a storm drain, or something to that extent.

Luckily a neighbor was in his garage and heard the commotion. He came over to help Jacob. He was so nice to clean out the gash in his ankle and patch him up with a bandage. Taylor calls me on his cell phone and says, "Mom, I think you need to come pick us up." And here I am thinking the worst and am ready for him to add, "at the police station." But luckily he told me the story. I figured the boys were okay and decided to drive over there to make sure.

When I got there Jacob was physically upset so I knew he was in pain. There was a bit of an exaggeration about "all the blood I lost!" and "I could see my bone!" The man said it looked like he should get a few stitches so we head off to the ER - which I now know where it is.

He hobbled in there and they get us a room right away. The nurse brings all 4 boys popsicles which I thought was very nice, even if it was before lunch time and she didn't bother asking if it was okay with me. It kept them busy and messy. They examine the cut and determine it isn't that bad and it would only require one stitch and we'd be on our way.

Jacob was a trooper. He endured the harsh cleansing with iodine (which the boys thought was pee), the nasty numbing shot, and the doctor who could take a lesson in gentleness when performing a stitch.

Luke decided he needed to use the bathroom which was attached to the room. While in there I hear an alarm going off. Not to my surprise, Luke pulled the emergency rope. A few minutes later a nurse comes in and I apologize for the false alarm. He was cool about it and said, "Hey, at least we know it works!"

We're back at home and Jacob survived. Now he'll always have a scar to remember Taylor by.


  1. That is a day! There's always someting isn't there? Kids.

  2. You gotta's a great story!!! But I'm sure it's a thank goodness it's over!!!

    That bothers me too when people give out 'sugared things' to children without asking!!!


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