Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The nose saga

A few months ago I wrote a post about my kids and their noses. Today I get to add to the ongoing saga of the fascinating crevice.

Luke is the culprit today.

The morning started as usual. I prepared my coffee and sat in front of the computer to check my email. I had about 45 minutes before I was going to leave the house and take a group cycling class at the gym. Luke and Taylor were awake, but it was still peaceful since Carson was still asleep. The peacefulness was shattered when I heard Luke crying in the kitchen.

I walked in and he continued crying and said that his nose hurt. One of the kitchen drawers was open and I thought that maybe he hit his nose on it, but he said he didn't. Then he began to sneeze. I asked him if he had put anything up his nose, but he said no. I attempted to look up there, but I couldn't see a thing. The only flashlight I could find was pointless to use since the light was so dull. I had Luke try to blow his nose really hard in hopes that if anything was up there, it might get propelled out.

It wasn't happening. And when I would wipe his nose, or have him try to blow, he would cry even more and say that it still hurt.

I figured it would be best for someone more qualified than myself and my lame flashlight to look up there and see if anything was stuck. I found a pediatrician close by and they said they could get us in in an hour.

I get Luke and myself cleaned up, and we head out for the appointment. When we walk in, Luke announces to the receptionist that he is there to get his nose taken off. And he was all business about it too. I think most kids would panic even at the sound of it, but Luke was prepared. He's a tough and brave boy.

The doctor peeked up there with a very bright scope and sure enough, there was something up there besides boogies. She said it looked yellowish and that she may be able to pull it out. If not, we'd have to go to an ENT (ear, nose, and throat) specialist. I think to myself, yellow, oh crap, we had popcorn the other night and I bet that little stinker put a kernel up his nose. Which then reminded me of the story my dad told me in which my aunt did the same thing when she was younger. Why does this kind of stuff have to run in the family?

Doctor had Luke lay down on the examination table and she went to work. A few tries later it loosened. She had Luke blow a few times and out came the mysterious item covered in snot. She said luckily they were able to get it out, otherwise if it had stayed up there much longer, it could have caused an infection and been very smelly. What a delightful thought.

So, any guesses as to what it really was? Here's a picture of the actual item. (You know I had to keep it to document this, didn't you?)

Turns out, it was one of those squishy rubber-like pads that you find on the inside of cabinets and drawers which soften the closing of the door. Maybe Luke saw it as a puzzle piece that fit just perfectly up his cute little nose. We may never understand why.

But one thing is for sure - Boys will be boys.


  1. this story scares me because it sounds like something my son will probably do in the future.

    glad it came out ok, lol.


  2. Ok, I am just now reading this and I have to say I am thankful I am not the only one that has dealt with this! Lexi put a bead up her nose about 2 weeks ago. I attempted to get it out and then she sucked it up! What? Where did it go? I called the peds er and they told me if I couldn't feel it anymore and she wasn't bothered by it, then it will probably show up on the other side. The next day, the little purple bead made its grand re-entrance to the world via the other end!


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