Monday, July 21, 2008

Things you all wanted to know about me.

Have you ever really thought about the way you do certain things and wonder if other people do them the same way as you, or am I just a freak?

Don't answer that.

I came up with a list of things that I am curious about and listed my answers, but I would love for you to chime in and let me know what your replies would be. Either list it in the comment section or make a post of your own and link back to me.

1) How do you eat cottage cheese? Plain? Fruit? Ketchup? Sugar?
I personally love to add sugar on top of mine. Learned it from my mom when I was a kid and it's stuck with me. It grosses out my husband.

2) When you eat a banana do you completely peel it first or peel as you go? And do you eat it plain or with "toppings"?
I like to cut my banana in a bowl and add peanut butter and honey to it. So yummy and healthy.

3) If you recycle (which you should!) do you rinse and flatten the containers?
I do my best

4) When putting on socks, which foot do you start with?
I think I would have to say my right foot, actually now that I think about it maybe it's my left. Who knows?

5) How do you take your coffee?
I love it with lots of cream and sugar and by that time I am not sure you can really call it coffee. Dunkin Donuts coffee is my all-time favorite.

6) Do you generally sleep on your side, back or stomach?
I start off on my back and end up on my side.

7) Are you offended when someone flashes their high beam headlights ("brights") at you or do you take it as a warning that there's a police officer ahead or that your "brights" are on?
I like to think people have good intentions are are forewarning me of a speed trap, but then I remember hearing about an urban legend involving gang initiation, so I try not to flash anyone just to be on the safe side.

8) If you see any type of change, whether it be a penny or a nickel, do you pick it up?
If my kids are with me I will have them pick it up, but if I am alone and it's only a penny I will usually leave it.

9) When at a track, which way do you go, clockwise or counterclockwise? Why do some people go the opposite direction?
I say clockwise is correct and get irritated when I see people going the opposite direction when everyone else is going in the right direction. I think they just want attention.

10) Before loading a dishwasher, do you first rinse and remove stuck on food?
Absolutely. I see my dishwasher as more of a sanitizer. I would never be able to put a dish or utensil in it if it's covered with food. Eew!

11) When taking a shower do you wash your body, hair or face first or do you first shave?
I always wash my hair first, then my body and last my face. Once that's all taken care of I shave.

12) What type of gum do you prefer? Spearmint, peppermint, cinnamon, of fruit flavored?
I love spearmint and gag with peppermint. Cinnamon comes in a close second, but they all have to be sugar free or it leaves a gross after-taste in my mouth.

That's all I have for you at the moment. I am sure I will come up with more - lucky you!

Now you know more about me and it's your turn to tell me more about you.


  1. 1) I add pepper
    2) peel as I go
    3) I don't flatten plastic, but undo boxes
    4) Right foot first
    5)I'm complelled to say black like I like my men, but that would be wrong. But black.
    6)FLip flop b/w right and left all night
    7)I don't bother
    8)Only quarters for me
    9) Track?? that's for that running thing you do right? eh
    10) Never had a dishwasher
    11) Face first, hair, body, feet and shave. Rinse and repeat
    12) Hate gum, I'm wierd

    This was fun, I enjoyed yours!

  2. Hey thanks for a blog topic... my well has been slightly dry lately. I will post and link in the next day or two.

    By the way my dad did the nose thing with a kernal of far I have lucked out with this particular kid event. Glad he is o.k.


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