Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Revisited

This post was originally posted last Halloween (2008) and thought it would be fun to revisit some past Halloween moments:


Happy Halloween everyone! I wish you and your families a fun-filled, sugar-high, spooky night of fun. What are your little ghost and goblins dressing up as tonight as you make your way around the neighborhood?

I thought it would be fun to recall some of the past Halloween costumes I and my family have worn.

What were some of your favorites when you would dress up for Halloween? It's such a fun time of year where you can be a "kid" again.

Most recently, last year my golf course costume (which won me first place in a contest!)

Also, last year at our Mommy's Group Halloween Party.
I was a one-horned devil a.k.a. "One Horny Devil"

Here is the family in 2003 as the Scooby Doo Gang.
I still can't believe I convinced my husband to spray paint his hair and tie a scarf ascot around his neck. He's a true sport! Gotta love that Halloween spirit.

Here I am in 2001 with my skeleton son and Devil dog daughter. I love this picture and had to include it even though I didn't dress up that year.

1999 - My Alanis Morissette obsession phase (that lasted too long). Along with my son the cow. What a combination.

And here are the happy dead bride and groom in 1998. These costumes were so much fun.

And what dead bride and groom wouldn't be complete without their offspring Cookie Monster son?

Now we jump way back to the past to 1985. I am the Gizmo creature from the movie Gremlins (that my super talented Dad sewed from scratch) and my best bud Jenny the clown is pictured next to me. Some neighbor we didn't even know invited us into their house to take our picture. Luckily it was a lot safer back then than it is this day in age and we both lived to tell the story.

Oh yes, the punk rocker chick in 1986. I had aspirations! Check out those jelly bracelets!

And every girls dream - to be a ditzy cheerleader back in 1987.
That concludes my caught-on-camera Halloween costumes. I hope you've enjoyed this blast from the past. I know I sure did.

Have a fun and Happy Halloween.


  1. i love looking at old halloween pictures! thanks for posting. i should have dug some pictures out at my dad's house! next year...

    very creative, by the way.

  2. Funny. I hate Halloween but your pictures made me smile! Hope you had a fun night!

  3. Love the pictures! Especially your bangs in the cheerleader one. lol
    I had a similar 'do many days. ;)

    It's so cute you all have dressed up together. We have yet to do that. One year I want us to be all different colored M&Ms. Maybe next year!
    Hope you had a fun Halloween!

  4. WOW, isn't it great that you found all of those pictures. I really like the golf costume, I might try that one next year.


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