Thursday, October 15, 2009

The letter H

Today's letter of the day is brought to you by Luke.

It was letter H day at preschool. Each child was to wear a crazy hat. Luke choose a motorcycle helmet - how clever. They had a healthy snack and worked on their H homework.

I picked Luke up after school and he handed me his papers from the day. I looked over them and was happy with his handiwork. He continued to tell me about the sound that the letter H makes, "hhhhaa."

"Very good," I replied and continued to say words that began with the h sound making sure I enunciated the beginning h sound of each word, "hhhhouse, hhhat, hhhelp."

Luke gave it a try and responded, "hhhhzebra."

We'll keep working on that letter H.


  1. What?! You've never heard of a hhhZebra? I'm shocked! :) That's too cute!

  2. Very cute story. Very cute Luke!


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