Thursday, October 08, 2009

Put some clothes on.

I was searching around the other day for new ab workout ideas and came across some old workout video tapes (yes, as in VHS). Back in the day before I became a gym rat I did these videos in the comfy privacy of my pajamas home.

For old times sake (and a really good laugh) I put in my Arms and Abs of Steel video from 1992.


The workout was pretty good and I am going to steal use a few of her moves, but the outfit and the hair and the music and did I mention the outfit?

The box should seriously have had a warning label on it. WARNING: Bad feathered bangs sticking out of a cycling hat straight from the 80's, bright blinding white workout shoes with stretched out tube socks, and lack of clothing. She had on a green sports bra - ok I get that, even though you wouldn't catch me wearing one by itself. But seriously, panty hose and a matching green thong! What?!?!

Luke was sitting with me watching it and I felt like I should have been covering his eyes. His comment said it all. He asked, "Mom, why is that lady naked?"



  1. I think I still have those tapes, too! Hey, do you remember all those workout videos Mrs. Cook used to put on at practice? Now those were right out of the 80's!!!!

  2. The instructor was Tami Lee Webb, right? I actually interviewed her for a local cable TV show right around that time (1993, maybe?) and she was really nice. She told me she NEVER eats cookies. WHATEVER!!!


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