Tuesday, October 06, 2009

How to tell your man you love him.

Today in the mail came a package of coupons. I thumbed through them expecting the same old advertisements and anticipated throwing them all in the recycle bin.

But one coupon in particular sparked my interest.

So apparently they are marketing this new chocolate covered bacon to men. What? We women don't love bacon too? Maybe the carnivorous men are more apt to devour this new concoction. But hurry it's limited time only - just in time for Sweetest Day! There's no better way to say "I love you honey" than fat lard covered in chocolate.

And if you happen to miss your once in a lifetime opportunity to indulge yourself with this artery clogging delectable delight, I happened to find a chocolate covered bacon recipe so you can do it yourself. Now that would be a memorable way to celebrate Sweetest Day.

Bacon and chocolate = the way to win a man's heart (via stomach).

I suppose a side of antacid would be a nice compliment to this "treat."

Us American's will dip anything in chocolate. To your health!

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  1. Ok - I have to tell you. I am working the Tulsa State Fair this week....this is a HOT selling item on the grounds! NO JOKE! I actually stopped and talked to the lady who was selling it(she was even sold out at the time I talked to her) and she said people are LOVING it! On the other hand I talked to a co-worker who tried it and said DISGUSTING!
    There is NO WAY I'm going to try it!! YUCK!


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