Monday, October 12, 2009

Battle scars

First, it was the end of April when Luke slipped off the couch-fort him and his brothers made and smacked his chubby little cheek on the coffee table causing a nasty gash. It didn't phase him much.

Then there was a bee sting 3 weeks ago that left his poor little ear red and swollen. There were no apparent stingers, so a good icing and a some motrin and he was good to go.

Or so I thought.
(He was not too happy about this event and told me that bees are no longer his friend.)

A week later he complained of his ear being hot and itchy. I called the doctor's office and they felt he should come in to be seen. We find out that his ear was infected and gets put on an antibiotic for a week. That seemed to do the trick.

Then 2 days ago the boys were riding their bikes in circles in the garage. Luke made a quick turn and down he went smacking his forehead onto the hard concrete floor. He's got a nice shiner to show for it.

This boy sure has had his share of battle scars the past few months. And through it all, he's still such a cutie-pie!


  1. Poor little guy! Can't he try to hurt his arm or leg next time? Leave his adorabloe face alone! :)

  2. Poor buddy! I agree w/Sheila -- seems like next time he should go for a nice scraped up knee.


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