Thursday, November 13, 2008

Puddle of milk

I never realized how much milk was really in a gallon until it was spilled all over my kitchen floor.

I had bought a bunch of groceries and Taylor was helping me bring them in. The 4 milk gallons were on the edge of the counter and Taylor was putting more bags on the counter which pushed one of the gallons off the edge, catapulting it to the floor. There it burst open splattering milk up to 12 feet in each direction and leaving a gushing lake of cow juice on my floor and kitchen rug. I screamed and ran to get as many kitchen towels as I could. What a mess. A stinky milky mess. The milk was starting to go under the base boards and I would push against it to try and squeeze it out. The dog even put her efforts in and started licking some of it up, bless her heart.

I really hate unnecessary waste, but like they say, accidents do happen. It's inevitable. I guess I should be glad that only one gallon fell and not all four of them. Then we would have been taking a milk bath that day.


  1. oh NO! what a nasty mess to have to clean up.

    i love that you buy 4 gallons of milk at a time...a glimpse into where i'll be in a few years! we're at 2 at a time right now for the most part...

  2. That sounds awful. I can't imagine trying to clean all of that up...especially when it goes under baseboards!

  3. Yuck. I hate it when this kinda stuff happens. I think I have less patience with it than I used to as well.

    You've given me another good reason to get a dog though! I'll add it to the list.

  4. We used to get our milk delivered. It came in glass bottles. One evening about 15 minutes before we were to be entertaining about 40 people at a dinner party, my husband knocked the milk bottle against a shelf in the fridge.
    I can truly relate to your milk lake. Ours was a bit more waterfall actually. Somehow we got it all clean before the guests arrived. Now we use platic or cardboard milk containers.


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