Monday, November 03, 2008

Back to life, back to reality

It feels good to be back home again and see the smiling faces of my three

Jason and I had a wonderful time on our cruise this past week and the time flew by.

The weather didn't want to cooperate to the fullest, and therefore we endured some pretty rocky conditions. I still feel like the boat is rocking even though I am on solid ground. It's such a strange sensation - sea legs. It wasn't until the last day at sea that we had sunshine. Otherwise, it was always cloudy and windy - so windy that at each port of call we went to they had to cancel any water activities.

I experienced a lot of firsts on this cruise even though we've cruised in the past. I wanted to stay open minded and embrace new opportunities. I had my first taste of escargot (a fancy word for snails). And they were absolutely delicious - seriously. Anything you smother in garlic and butter sauce should taste good and these were no exception.

Another first was experiencing the "jump zone" which was freakin' awesome! It's a trampoline with bungee cords that you are harnessed into. When you jump you're launched into the air - it was such a rush! I was even doing back flips. But that harness did a number on my inner thighs. Ouch! In the picture you can see the dark clouds starting to come towards us.

I wanted to try the rock climbing wall, but the weather was too windy and they had to close it for the majority of the trip. I can just imagine someone being blown off into the ocean when they reached the top. No thanks.

While we were in Cozumel, Mexico I held a very large iguana whose name was Tequila - seems like a fitting name. He was a cool dude. I was a little concerned about getting bit or pooped on, but he just sat there and looked at me. Thank goodness.

I took my first salsa dance class and found it very enjoyable. I am sure I was able to work off a few extra calories while shaking my hips. And I also found it a bit challenging to run on the treadmill while we endured some rather large waves. It was a total balance challenge, but I managed to get thorough it.

And get this, I played bingo - Ha! That even makes me laugh. The prize was a free cruise - so yeah, I was going to take a shot at winning. Jason was only 2 away from getting a bingo, but it didn't happen. Oh well - we still had fun. I did end up winning $5 off a pop-open which is similar to a scratch off card. So we weren't at a complete loss.

One of the coolest memories I have of our vacation was a show called Howie & Bert. They are these two comedian jugglers who are very entertaining. We were sitting in the 3rd row and half way into their routine they ask for a female volunteer. Sure, I raise my hand quite timidly and wouldn't you know it? They picked me and up I went on the stage - in front of a packed auditorium. I had such stage fright and could hardly keep my legs from shaking, plus did I mention the boat was rocking? - a lot! As I am standing up there I wonder what in the world I got myself into. Then they bring out 6 really sharp machete knives. I was seriously rethinking my volunteer position, but they made me feel comfortable. So here I stand with these two guys juggeling knives in front of my face and behind my head, praying to god I don't get my nose or any other body part chopped off. And sure enough - I survived. The funny thing was that people kept recognizing me as the "volunter" for the next few days. I guess you could say that was my 10 minutes of fame.

And here is something even crazier. I get an email yesterday through Facebook from a girl that I graduated with in high school and here is what she said:

Hey Lynette, I dont know if you remember me. We graduated together, but I just had to tell you I saw you a few days ago on the cruise when those two guys pulled you up on stage. You were so adorable!! Glad you didnt get cut up! I was on vaca with my family. When you went up there I was like, If shes says her name is Lynette I will freak out. I said to my family, I know her. You should go to the website those guys had. Im sure they tape their shows. I hope you had fun. I still feel like I'm rocking on the boat. Ugh. Take Care, gina

What are the chances of that happening? It was pretty cool I must say. I contacted Howie & Bert to see if I could get a copy of the show, but they don't get the tapes from the cruise. I have also sent an email to customer service from the cruise and I am hoping they may be able to supply me with a copy. I'll keep you updated.

Here I am posing with the very creative towel creatures. We weren't too sure what this one was supposed to be. A duck maybe? Who knows? It was interesting to see what animal would be welcoming us to our room each night.

And then we started getting silly and having a little fun with the statues that were on different levels of the ship. And yes, that is only coffee in our hands - we had not yet had alcohol that day. Maybe I should have lied so you don't think we're that big of dorks. Oh well, now you know the true me. I am a kid at heart.


  1. Lovely. Great shots! I'm just sorry you didn't have better weather. We're off on a cruise next March, but silly us, we're taking our three amigos. I think I need a child free vacation though....soon!

  2. I'm so glad you had a great time!

    ** and holy buff arms batman**
    (you should be a personal trainer)

  3. How Fun! Sorry the weather wasn't great, but it sounds like you made the most of it! Yes, isn't escargot yummy? My husband had it for the 1st time on our cruise too and I ordered a few more since I knew he would like it so much! The 'jump zone' looks like so. much. fun! That's totally something I would do. Greg and I would be likely to take photos like that with the statues too, so that was fun to see! I'm so glad you had a good time!

    Also, I tagged you for a '7 things' meme. I don't know how you feel about those, but I thought it would be a fun way to get to know you better. There's no pressure to do it soon or at all, though.

    Take care!

  4. So happy to hear that you had such a fun vacation! I love the pics and you look fabulous! You've inspired me to take a child-free vacation...someday. :)


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