Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Some stuff about moi (me)

I was tagged a week ago by Jenny at Daily Dose of Motherhood to participate in a meme that lists 8 random things about myself. I just realized after checking back on the "rules" that it's actually only 7 things, but I already made the list so you're getting 8. Deal with it. So, without further ado, I bring you my exciting list of not 7, but 8 things you always wanted to know about me. Try to contain yourselves.

1) I have this strange habit of peeling things not as in vegetables, but like chipped paint or nail polish that is starting to come off. I could sit and peel it for hours. To me it's therapeutic.

2) I also love piecing things back together such as puzzles or a ripped up quiz that some 5th grader living in this house tried to hide.
It only took me about an hour to tape it back together. And if you're going to rip up a paper, don't leave pieces of it scattered around the floor by the garbage can. I'm going to figure it out. If (I had to take a quiz on kinetic and potential energy I would have ripped it up as soon as it was handed to me.)

I've been know to do this type of thing (piece things together) since I was a kid. Just ask my dad. One day when I was about 8 years old I saw a bunch of pieces of plastic in the garbage. So I pulled them all out, got my scotch tape and pieced back together about 20 credit cards that he had cut up. He wasn't very happy with what I did even though it took a month before he found out. I had a lot of fun playing store with them.

3) So that leads me to announce that I am a bit of a curious person. I wouldn't go as far as calling myself a snoop, but it's close. This one time I was at a person's house with some friends that none of us had ever been to. I went to use the bathroom and washed my hands, but couldn't find a towel to dry them off. I did what I think any normal person would do and looked in the cabinet under the sink. Still no towel. But I did find a naked Barbie doll (this lady has two older boys) so I thought it would be funny to display the barbie straddling the faucet. (I've got a twisted sense of humor.) I never did see that lady again. It's probably for the best.

4) And look, another lead in. I love, love, love sarcasm and humor. I am drawn to sarcastic people. Humor is a must, but I wonder if I sometimes take it too far (see #3). Here's another funny story. A few years back at Christmas I opened a present and inside was a stainless steel martini shaker (awesome!). Well, later that day my oldest brother and his wife came over and he noticed the shaker sitting on the end table. He picked it up and started shaking it around and goofing off. I looked at him in the most serious pissed off face and I said, "That's an urn that contains Jason's grandma's ashes." And holy crap - the look of shock and sincere remorse on his face was so flippin hilarious! I got him SO good. But, hello - I was just j0king! We still talk and laugh about it to this day.

5) Jason's grandma's are still alive, so I felt bad using that as an example in #4. But, both sets of my grandparents have passed. My dad's dad was the most recent I believe back in 1999 or ,2000. Wow, has it been that long? I have so many good memories of my time spent with them. I can only hope my boys will continue to have the same if not greater memories with their grandparents as they grow up.

6) I used to do a lot of selling (and buying) on Ebay, but I just recently started getting hooked on Craigslist. So far we've sold a dryer and gas fire bowl. It was so easy and now I am trying to find other things I can get rid of. My boys have a look of fear in their eyes. Why are they standing guard in front of their toys?

7) I have had this annoying cough for the past few days and at night is when it really acts up. I will wake up coughing and cough medicine does nothing except make me feel like I'm having an out of body experience the rest of the day. My FIL emails me this thing about putting Vicks on your feet before bed. I was skeptical, but desperate and last night I tried it. I lathered on the Vicks VapoRub put on my socks and climbed into bed. And wouldn't you know it - I slept sound all night long with no coughing. Call it crazy, but I have to say it actually worked for me. Next time the boys get that middle of the night cough, I am going to try it on them.

8) I am going to be changing the name of my blog in the near future, but I am a little nervous. I seriously dislike the name I have now - it's so boring and plain. When I got the idea to start blogging it was a name that I picked out quite hastily and I wish I would have been a bit more creative. My new name is going to be so much better, but coming up with a new design idea is where I keep getting stumped. It's coming, just not sure when. I know you'll be sitting on the edge of your seats in anticipation. I hope to not disappoint.

If you'd like to participate and list 7 or 8 things about yourself, consider yourself tagged and let me know you tagged yourself. I may laugh at you for playing with yourself, but then I'll stop rolling on the floor and check out your blog.


  1. i love to read these things...

    the blog name thing is hard! i actually waited to start mine until we'd come up with a name i thought was suitable. so good luck!

  2. Wow. So where exactly does one put the Vick's? On the soles of your feet or all over? I may need this one day...... :)

  3. Peeling-I can relate. I like to peel people's sunburns. Eww, I know, but I pulled so much skin off my dh's back this past summer. It was addictive (sorry if that was too gross).

    I'd almost call myself a snoop, too.
    Let me know if you're ever headed my way. I'll be sure to plant some surprises for you for when you're snooping. ;)

  4. Yay! Thanks for playing along, it was fun getting to know you better!

    I'm a total snoop too. I love seeing the insides of homes and learning about the people who live insides. I guess blogging is great for that, huh?

    Good luck with your blog transition! I've changed my name/address/look a couple times already too.

    Thanks again for doing this!

  5. I'm a witness to the barbie incident.

    And that quiz, holy cow. What a naughty little boy. Good catch, Mom.

    And hurry finding a name, so we can move onto the next step.

  6. Lynette, I am glad that my cure from point #7 worked for you. In the future, please refer to me not as FIL but Dr. FIL.


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