Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A dream to remember

This morning I was awoken by a tickle in my throat that made me start coughing. Here is the dream I was having immediately before I woke up.

I was at Bill Cosby's condo in Detroit Michigan. (Don't ask, I don't know.) A few friends of mine were there (Mandi and Jenny) along with my MIL (who earlier in the dream was pushing me in an adult size stroller). I was eating those chocolate mini donuts gems you get in a bag from the grocery store. There were crumbs all over the floor, but Bill's 3 black dogs (chihuahuas) were helping lick them up. Bill opens the door and comes inside with his Dad. He looks at the crumbs as he takes off his coat and tells me that I better clean them up. I get up to follow him downstairs to find the vacuum cleaner (while still eating donuts) . As Bill turns around, his Dad and I notice that the entire back of his sweater (you know those famous Coogi sweaters he always wore on the Cosby Show) was completely burned off. His Dad and I started busting out laughing and I start to gag and choke on my donuts.

That is where I woke up and was actually coughing.

Dreams are freaky. Especially when they involve Bill Cosby, a burnt sweater and choking on donut crumbs.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Oh, and an adult-size stroller, haha. Crazy dream! And that you remember with such detail is impressive. I forget mine quickly.


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