Tuesday, October 16, 2007

NowThat's an Interesting Color

My youngest son, who is two, likes to drink.

Let me rephrase that.

My youngest son, who is two, likes to drink milk and Gatorade in large quantities. That sounds a little better! He would prefer to live off a liquid diet consisting of those two products than actually eat solid food. So when he does eat a meal he is very picky about what he will actually consume. But back to the drinking problem. I have had issues with Gatorade. Luke had a rash around his mouth for what seemed like the longest time this past summer. I contributed it to being a heat rash or maybe even a food allergy. The doctor said it resembled a classic pacifier rash, but he has been off of that for over a year now. So, I started eliminating things from his diet, which didn't leave much left. Poor kid! It ended up being from the orange flavored Gatorade. The dye in the mix was what was causing his rash, I am pretty sure. Since then we have switched to blue mountain or something like that and a few weeks ago I thought I'd try purple-grape. If you've ever given grape flavored Gatorade to a child still in diapers let me give you a first hand warning before you change their diaper. My child's poop was a frightening shade of green. At first I couldn't figure out what in the world was wrong with him. We had been to the beach and I thought maybe he ingested some of the nasty Lake Michigan beach water. But he continued to have this crazy green poop weeks later. Very nasty stuff. We finally equate this color to the purple Gatorade he has been drinking. It sort of makes sense I suppose. I wonder what the next shade of poop will be when I switch to red Gatorade. I just hope I don't faint at that sight.


  1. I have experienced that color before, except it was after some strange flavored yogurt! Good luck on the red, hope you survive!

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