Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Uninvited House Guests

OK - I've about had it. I am ready to pull out drastic measures and call in the professionals. It's these darn pesky fruit flies that are driving me batty - or should I say buggy! They are almost worse than flies. I will be sitting on the couch minding my own business and one of these crazy bugs starts trying to fly up my nose. No matter how hard I try to swat at them and capture them between my hands it is a fruitless effort. Maybe their name should be changed to fruit-less flies. They are so small that it makes it nearly impossible to catch the buggers. What is really bad is when I am drinking my evening glass of red wine and they all invite themselves in my glass where they're having a huge drinking party. Stupid drunk bugs. But, I have found that it is the best time to squish them because they are highly intoxicated and their reaction time is slower. I would love to hear any suggestions of ridding my home of these irritating bugs. In the meantime, bottoms up! I hear bugs are high in protein.


  1. Oh, I can sooooo relate! They are so bad this year! And I drink a Kombucha drink each night (has a small amount of alcohol) and they are ALWAYS in my glass!


  2. In the evening, about when you're ready to go to bed, pour red wine into a tin pie plate. I always use tin as I like to throw it away after the deed is done. LOL Leave it out on the counter either by the sink if that's where you notice them or if there's a specific spot. Also, put the drain stoppers in both (if you have them) drains in your sink.

    There should be a fair amount of the deceased drowned in the morning - wash down the sink and repeat the next night. We had a potato "escape" and I not realize it. It took me three nights of this, but it was worth it!! I found it on the net and had my doubts, but I was amazed!


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