Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Pumpkin Carving

The past few days my boys (or should I say I) have carved their pumpkins for Halloween. Luke the 2 year old didn't quite grasp the concept. I cut the top off and started to de-gut the pumpkin to show him how it's done. I go to help Carson with his and check back on Luke who is now stuffing the guts back into the pumpkin. Dear boy, he's inherited my cleaning genes. Bless his heart. That makes me proud. So, I ended up taking over for him and he was off to other tasks. He comes back in the room with his toy vacuum cleaner and begins to sweep the rug under the table.

Have I mentioned how much I love this boy? One way to a mother's heart is cleaning! At least my heart it is. My oldest son has also inherited this cleaning way of life. He is very organized when it comes to his room and things. Now if I could just get the middle boy to take after his brothers we would be one happy, clean, and organized family. Heaven I tell you.

So, anyway, back to the pumpkin carving. Carson is excited to dig in and get dirty in pumpkin guts. He insists on making it a scary pumpkin to scare the neighbor girls. He’s totally all boy let me tell you. I believe we were successful in creating his view of a scary faced pumpkin guy even though I think it looks really cute. But don't tell him I said that, k? And then on to Taylor’s pumpkin, you know the one that nearly tipped the scales because it was so enormous and caused us to take out a second mortgage. Yeah, that’s the one. I knew I was going to have to pull out the power tools on this one. Who knew how well an electric knife could work on a pumpkin. They're not just for carving turkeys - no joke. My husband first recommended it and I thought no way, but it turned out to be the best tool for the job. When we opened it up I was shocked at what we found. It seemed as if it was trying to sprout new pumpkins within itself. Never before had I experienced that before. It was strange to say the least. Once we got it cleaned out, off Taylor went to create his football guy pumpkin. Enjoy the pictures and Happy Halloween.

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