Sunday, October 21, 2007

Weekend Recap

Updated: By popular demand and to satisfy your curiosity, I have updated this post to include the fashion police mug shot picture of the hairstyle that upset my son.

We had a nice weekend together as a family. The weather has been really mild and unseasonably warmer than usual, which I am not complaining about whatsoever. I love an Indian Summer. We went to a local apple orchard and the boys picked out their pumpkins. I thought paying $.29 a pound was reasonable, but when they weighed all five our our pumpkins and our total came to almost $30 I was a bit taken back. If our yard was big enough I would seriously consider planting our own pumpkins next year. But that isn't going to happen so I guess I should just get used to forking over a good hours wage. Then, when we came home the younger boys wanted to carve theirs, but Taylor was invited to a sleep over so his pumpkin has yet to be carved. Luke's had other ideas with his pumpkin. Instead of taking out the pumpkin guts, he was replacing them with his brothers guts. Oh, well. They had fun and I got good video coverage so that's what counts.

I bought myself a few new pairs of shoes which I know will make Beth proud! I was very impressed at how far Payless Shoes has come. I haven't shopped there in quite awhile, but they actually have name brand shoes now. Imagine that! I do not classify myself as a shoe girl whatsoever. I manage with a few regulars. What more do you need than a pair of black shoes, brown shoes, sandals, and an athletic pair of shoes. Really those are the staples. But I am open to new styles and was in the market for a cute pair of flats to wear with jeans. I have appeared to be successful. What are your thoughts on my new shoe family members? Are they cool or dorky? Seriously I have no clue. Sad but true.

In other news, the neighbors invited us over to watch the Chicago Bears play this afternoon and we were treated to Duck Gumbo. I have never experienced duck before, but was pleasantly surprised. It was very tasty. The kids had a great time playing with their three kids so we actually got to spend some adult time with other adults. It was awesome and can't wait to do it again.

To leave you with a funny story, the other day I decided to wear my hair a little different than usual. Normally I will either wear my hair straightened or back in a pony tail. But, the other day I decided to add a leopard print head band along with a pony tail. I thought it looked really cute and trendy, but Carson had other thoughts. He looked at me and replied, "Why are you wearing that in your hair? You look like a little girl. Now go take it off and put it in your drawer." I never thought I would get fashion advice from my 4 year old son.


  1. Oh yes, kids lovvvveeee to give fashion advice, and don't we just love to receive it!;)

    A weekend with new shoes is always a good time! In fact, any time with new shoes is a good time.

  2. New shoes are always good!

    No picture of the upsetting hair- do?

  3. I think it looks great!

    You hot momma you! I vote for you to wear it again!

  4. You look adorable! I wear scarves and bandanas all the time. It's not just for little girls!


  5. Oh my goodness, that Carson, he is something else! I can totally picture him saying that!!

    AND WAY TO GO BUYING SHOES! I'm so very proud of you. Maybe you'll become an addict and we can shoe shop together!!!!!!!


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